It seems like there is nothing to do in Cairo except eat. We’re not complaining. We love the variety and our taste buds are ecstatic, but sometimes we want more. Who doesn’t want to go somewhere new, spice things up and break the endless routine of dinner, movies or coffee?

Luckily, our prayers have been answered, and Cairo is becoming home to some very creative places and activities. Whether you’re looking for a special date night, family quality time or a night out with friends, these places are perfect. From cooking classes and art to team games and challenges, here’s a list of just some of our favorite picks.

Arts Mart
Arts Mart, in 6th of October, is an art showroom for the biggest online gallery in the region with the same name. Curating from established and rising local artists, Arts Mart offers a truly large collection of modern and contemporary Egyptian art, inspired by everything socially, politically and culturally Egyptian. For art lovers, it brings the best pieces together in one place, to be enjoyed or bought. They also offer artistic skill building courses in drawing and painting! Stay tuned to their Facebook page for special exhibits and classes, or check their website for information about current collections and artists.

BreakOut Egypt
Perfect for a large group of friends, BreakOut on Road 90 in Tagamoa offers you some excitement and challenge. In teams, you get locked into one of three rooms – a prison cell, a cursed tomb or a public toilet – and you have to, obviously, break out. Your teams hast to put your heads together and escape before the competing teams do. To book your own locked-in experience, check their Facebook page or website.

Exitus Escape Rooms
Exitus is another logic based escape game, centrally located on the Greek Campus in Tahrir, for a smaller group of 2-5 people. Offering you some clues through riddles and puzzles, Exitus gives you 60 minutes to escape using problem solving skills. If you don’t use any of the hints, you can even get your money back! For booking, contact them through their Facebook page and website.

Nafas School for Agroculinary Arts and Sciences
Let’s face it-despite our earlier complaints, one can never have enough food. Nafas provides classes that not only teach you how to cook or garden, but also what is best for our bodies and the ecosystem. That way you get all the knowledge necessary on how to cook healthy, nutritious and eco-friendly food, as well as all that comes with cooking your own meals. From setting the table to disposing of waste and leftovers, Nafas tells us the best way to do it for the environment. You can check their schedule of classes and events on their Facebook and website.

With the boom in independent cinema in Egypt and worldwide, Zawya is an art-house theater “for the movies not shown in cinemas”. This includes short-films, documentaries and independent features, both from Egypt and across the world. Established by Misr International Films in 2014, it has since attracted many fans. Forget Hollywood and the mainstream for a night and get to know the other side of movie-making. For information on what is showing, check the scheduling on their Facebook or website.

The Eatery
Cairo’s latest culinary addition, The Eatery is more than just a restaurant. It offers cooking classes (starting in January), competitions, cooking stations and the classic à la carte menu. You even get your very own aprons when you’re cooking! The Eatery grows its own food in an effort to offer seasonal, authentic cuisines, and will definitely be revitalizing the food scene as it grows. Not your classic dine-out, this is definitely a place to try out! Get their details on Facebook and Instagram.