It doesn’t matter what season it is, we shouldn’t let our feet go un-cared for. Any time of year calls for these 8 pro-tips for getting your feet just right, for any occasion and most importantly, for yourself!

  • Get a pedicure. Goes without saying right? No. Get a professional pedicure, one that costs you more than it should, ends in a foot massage, and leaves you staring at your bare toe nails for longer than 5 minutes. Pampering your feet from time to time will give you baby soft skin.
  • Dab some oil on your feet and toes every night. Let the oil work wonders over night as you get some shut eye. Olive oil is great for cracked heels and tea tree oil is great as an antifungal for your toenails. Just a few drops on washed feet will do the trick. For added moisture, you can wear breathable socks while you sleep.
  • Scrub away. And by scrubbing away, we don’t mean rubbing your feet with a pumice stone. Buy a proper foot scrub and exfoliate once a week; (we love the Aveda foot relief) and if you don’t want to splurge, you can save by doing your own. Just mix a cup of granulated sugar with coconut or olive oil. Consider investing in a small nail brush as well, to help clear off dead skin around your nails and cuticles.
  • Don’t forget the base coat. Take your time with painting your nails and giving them the treatment they deserve. Never forget to apply a base coat to protect your nails from discoloration, and a top coat to give you that shine and extend the life of your polish.
  • Drink plenty of water. It always boils down to this, water, water, water! Hydrating from inside is the most important thing your body needs. Drinking 8-12 glasses of water a day (and we mean big glasses, not shot glasses) will hydrate the skin all over your body and compensate for water loss.
  • Do NOT soak your feet in hot water. Contrary to what most people think, soaking your feet in hot water will actually dry them up even more. Skip the soaking all together if you’re not doing your nails and opt for a mineral water spritzer instead (I love Evian Facial Spray).
  • Let your blisters be. Fashion comes with a cost, and those sexy party heels will definitely hurt your feet. Prevent blisters with Band-Aids by covering up areas you know get injured. For those that are a lost cause, DO NOT pop them; let your blisters heal on their own. To accelerate the healing process, apply antibiotic cream to the blisters and cover up with a Band-Aid until it’s reduced in size.
  • Last but not least, let your feet breathe. Don’t cram your toes and feet up in tight shoes all year round. Let your feet breathe, but without walking around barefoot all day. In the end, they’ll thank you for it later by being soft and supple.