If you’ve been on The Daily Crisp for a while now, you’ve probably noticed how big we are on smoothies. Since we hardly have time to blend our own every day, we get ours from the best smoothie makers in town, GLOW! However, over time we’ve noticed how some of our readers dub Glow smoothies as “Not for me” after trying it just once. We feel this is because they thought it was more of a juice than a smoothie.


So, we’re here to explain to you what Glow smoothies really are. Plus, we’ll even give you a simple guide at the end as to how you should train your taste buds to love smoothies (as much as we do). Because like all good things in life, smoothies are an acquired taste.


What is Glow?

First of all, most people should know what  Amina Rashad and her partners intended to achieve by making Glow smoothies. They wanted to fill a need that’s extremely lacking here in Egypt. Their purpose was to give those who enjoy eating healthy nutritious meals a sugar-free wholesome drink. A drink that will not just quench their thirst but also act as a meal replacement. So, the next time they were on the go and needed something to recharge their energy they can just grab a Glow smoothie!


All Glow smoothies are made of whole nutritious hearty ingredients that can help you digest your food better, aid in fighting flu season and keep your health in tip-top shape. They even have soups that act as actual meals for those who love going on a detox to really give their bodies that much needed pick-me-up!


Anyone who has never tried a smoothie before might be easily discouraged when they realize that Glow’s smoothies are thicker than your regular juice. Funny enough, this is actually a pro, not a con. Having one of Glow’s smoothies is super filling as a healthy snack. They’re way better than feeding your body sugar-filled processed goods that cause you more harm than the number of ingredients in them.


Smoothies aren’t everyone’s cup of tea (excuse the pun). This could be because they usually have a lot of ingredients blended together that you normally wouldn’t eat together. But that is undeniably what is so amazing about smoothies. Smoothies give you a chance to get all the wholesome food you want to eat but probably wouldn’t be able to without feeling full half-way.


That’s where the magic of smoothies come in, they give your stomach a break from digesting half-chewed food. So, your tummy feels lighter and you feel way more energized. To get you started, here’s a quick guide for first time smoothie drinkers

Smoothie Guide: By order of newbie to smoothie connoisseur

Pink Lemonade:  This twist to your regular lemonade will help reduce inflammation while promoting weight loss (thanks to the raw honey)

Pina Colada (Seasonal): Because glow just gets a regular drink we love and makes it a ton healthier, this is a great smoothie to start with. The coconut milk will regulate your blood pressure and the pineapple will improve your digestion.

Mango Breeze: A blend of mangoes, blueberries, and banana with a base of almond milk. This smoothie will boost brain health, with providing proper cell function while combating aging all at the same time. What’s not to love!

Choco Loco: This is chocolate milk on steroids if you will! Seriously, this is the healthiest chocolate milk you’ll find in any store. It’s cacao, banana, avocado, flax seeds, and chia seeds with an almond mylk base. This smoothie’s benefits range from bone strengthening to promoting weight loss. You’re going to be loco for this choco milk!

Acai Blueberry Burst:  A blend quite similar to the choco loco (but without the seeds) and with Acai berries instead of the cacao. Think of this as your stepping stone to the world of “healthy smoothies”.

Confused Strawberry: This one has the regular smoothie ingredients you already tried before but with a pinch of “Spinach”. Have no fear though because you trained your taste buds with all the previous smoothies. That’s why you won’t even taste the spinach. It also has Spirulina that provides a great source of protein and is an excellent anti-oxidant.

Green Kick: Congrats you’ve made it to the big leagues. This is your first full-blown green smoothie. It’s a blend of mango, kale, ginger.


If you ever tasted a green smoothie before, it will taste nothing like the one you will drink after following our “Glow Smoothie Starter Pack”. Now you can feed your body with the best ingredients and your taste buds will thank you for it.