Families, believe it or not, are the strongest building blocks in any community. If families are proactive and stable, communities would be just as proactive and stable in return. Families in the Middle East are very well accustomed to care for bonding relationships. However, they’re in need of thorough training on how to create purpose within the single family unit.

The first step to achieving the above, is encouraging families to run regular meetings between parents and their children at least once a month, to discuss opportunities and obstacles that they’re facing. In addition to creating inner family bonding through regular weekly meetings, I would highly encourage families to organize a series of meetings under the name “My family on a mission,” where parents and children brainstorm on the following points:

  • What they feel is needed to make their community better.
  • What resources or experiences do they maintain that could make their community a better one .
  • Create a set of goals on how they can achieve the above points.
  • Develop a list of family strengths.
  • Develop a list of family weaknesses and how to overcome them.
  • Create a family mission statement.

Families that run such meetings would not only be serving their own uniqueness and proactivity but would become role models within their community. Parents as well will be teaching their children a very valuable lesson on the know-how of meaningful existence.

Family coaches should in return run regular workshops delivering and spreading this concept, training families on how to design their mission statements and maintaining such stability throughout their lives.