Father’s day is around the corner.

Many countries around the worlds practice the tradition of celebrating Father’s day by shedding the spotlight on it as much as they do on Mother’s Day.

In Egypt this year, Father’s have been shed the lights on in different contexts… for instance that Ramadan ad talking about the Father’s Foul Plate being the best foul ever, or the few billboards in the street that showcase Father’s Day Gift vs. Mother’s Day Gift.

This is why we took this chance to share a few Father’s Day Gift ideas that can be suitable for different dad personalities.

At the end of the day Fathers struggle as much as Mother’s do – each goes through their own battles in their own ways.

So YES! Fathers have to be celebrated too.

Let’s head straight into it.


1. For The Competitor At Heart

Create memories with a gift the whole family enjoys and will still enjoy for years to come.

Celebrate Father’s Day with a friendly yet competitive game of ping pong by getting your father this small, foldable tennis table and enjoy bonding, challenging each other and improving your skills with every game.


2. For The Dad Still Going (Or Going Back) To The Office

Encourage your dad to go back to working from the office by getting him this genuine leather laptop bag.

This gift is perfect as it shows how much you care for your dad and his career.


3. For The Dad On The Go

We all would love to have gadgets that help us living easily while on the go. This Smart Bottle with LED Temperature Display makes sure your dad doesn’t burn his tongue, at the same time it assures his coffee stays right in the  temperature he want’s it to be once he’s back to sip on it during a meeting.

4. For The Breakfast Lover

Most dads love making breakfast!
Help your dad making the best sandwiches more efficiently by getting him a sandwich maker.

Pro-Tip: You can present thins gift by actually making him breakfast and enjoying it together.


5. For The Bearded Dad

If your dad has a beard, you can never go wrong with this one!

Beard Oil is suitable gift for all men with beards, especially Dads. Due to its rich and natural formula, beard oils, when applied regularly, they leave the beard soft and healthy. they also reduces the feeling of tension that comes from having a beard.

Your dad will always be so soft and in the best mood ever with this gift.


6. For The Coffee lover

Because nothing ruins a morning more than lukewarm coffee. For dads who take their brews seriously, this sleek Nespresso Essenza Mini in Black (or any other color) proves to be the perfect Father’s Day gift ideas.

It is minimalistic, available in 2 different sizes and 3 different colors to best suit any space and make sure your dad gets fresh coffee whenever needed.


7. For The Stressed Out Dad

Give your dad the gift of relief with a heartwarming blanket.

Ariika’s Muffler Throw Blanket and Sash Throw blanket are the best gift for a dad that needs to take it slow and enjoy a mid-day nap.

Hurry up, these are also on sale now!!


8.   For The Sentimental Dad

Create a Dozen Reasons Why I Love You Jar.

You don’t need to be a great DIYer to make this jar. All it takes is to get a jar (it can be any jar already available in the kitchen), stickers, colorful post-it papers, markers and the real, most honest reasons why you love your dad.

Remember to decorate the jar with stickers and show how this truly is a sentimental gift straight from the heart.


9.   For The Sweet-tooth Dad

Take time to bake your Dad his favorite cake!

Regardless of the type of cake you’ll choose to bake, stay sure that he will love it and it will definitely stand out as it is hand-made from you for him.

What else can show love more than a delicious home baked cake?


10. For The brainy dad

If you know that your dad loves to challenge himself in a brainy way and you often see him relaxing by playing with for instance a rubric cube… this one is for you!

1000 piece jigsaw puzzle with the picture of something you know he loves.

Show your dad that you know him more than he would know and get him a gift that shows him that you truly care about his hobbies and would love to see him invest more time doing what he loves.