“I think that is one reason why women live longer than men. Friendship between women is different than friendship between men. We talk about different things. We delve deep. We go under, even if we haven’t seen each other for years. There are hormones that are released from women to other women that are healthy and do away with the stress hormone” Jane Fonda, Vanity Fair, January 2015.

Wow, that really got under my skin!. No man can ever fully understand a woman the same way another woman can. It made me remember all the times where I was about to break down.  All the times where I locked myself in my room escaping everything in isolation. At times like these without certain female friendships in my life, I would’ve never found my way up again.

Strength from the Sisterhood

I believe that behind every obstacle in life, you’ll find a woman trying to contain the emotions of everyone around and comfort them. So, imagine if there’s two of them, how powerful and empowering that could be? Personally, my emotional and mental strength is directly affected by my female friendships. our hour-long phone calls are what keep me sane at the hardest times. The excitement I see on their faces when I achieve something is indescribable, and their unconditional love no matter how I’m acting at the moment is just priceless.

Times like these I find myself reminded of Sex and the City.  I’ve always wondered what if Carrie did not have her female friends while standing in her wedding dress, waiting for her fiancé on the altar. Who would’ve told the guests to leave, carried her back to the car, went with her on the honeymoon leaving everything behind to just make her feel better? Nobody would’ve been able to get her back like that, nobody but her female friends. So here are all the reasons why 

1- They speak the same language.

Biologically speaking women have a lot in common. But it goes a little deeper than that. A study by the National Institute of Technology in India found that women are more concerned with building connections. They are also more likely to approach another woman when faced with a problem. The study also stated that women are concerned with cooperation, empathy and expressive language. All of this helps in communicating with one another. Even if they disagree on something, even if they have different perspectives, they can always relate and somehow be in tune with how you’re feeling even if they do not fully understand you. Woman to woman, they can relate to you. Knowing that someone knows how you feel is a gift. After all, I don’t think you need more than this to empower you in terms of making you feel that you’re not alone. 

2- Cheerleaders by nature.

If we’re talking about support, then we’re talking about women. Above all, our first female best friend is our mothers, our first supporter and cheerleader who claps when we finish our meals (which was honestly not a very hard thing to do) are our mothers. Personally, if it was not for my female friendships and my mom, I would not have pursued any of my dreams, I would not have taken the courage to leave the corporate life, to find my passion, and work hard for it. They helped me to not doubt myself and to follow my dreams. It was them who were my first supporters who totally understood me, who understood what the word passion means, who were there when I was lost and pushed me forward in the path of finding myself. They helped me find my very own definition of an independent happy life.

3- Natural disease fighters.

A study published in the journal of clinical oncology stated that at the first stage of breast cancer, women with few friends or with no friends are more likely to pass away.  They are not only more likely by a small percentage either. No, the study stated that they are actually four times more likely to not survive it. I was pretty astonished too.  I never thought that friendships could literally have such an impact. 

4- Challenging yet rewarding.

Who said that a little challenge between two female friends is not good? Having a female friend can totally affect and benefit you on so many levels. Especially, when it comes to challenging yourself, evolving or becoming a better version of yourself. For instance, it may let you look up to your female friend, challenging you in a healthy way. In other words, their differences are what empowers them, it is what challenge them to keep fighting to be better. After all, the effect of a female role model is undeniable, not even to men.

5- Fewer barriers, fewer problems.

Women shamelessly share their feelings and open up to each other with no barriers. Personally, I think that it is beautiful, it’s like sharing your soul with somebody else who totally understands where all the emotions are coming from. The best part is, they’ve got a reason behind it, they actually open up to make their life easier. They know that keeping too much inside and lack of expression can literally lead to physical and mental illness. Expressing emotions is a basic human need and if anything’s clear female friendships are far from being basic!