Many of us have gone through a rough patch due to the few months of lockdown the world has been put under as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Today, many services and facilities have been working hard on adapting to the circumstances while slowly getting back on track – especially fitness-wise. With the slow dissipation of Quarantine, on July 15th 2020 – Pyramid Hills Compound inaugurated the opening of the latest and currently only branch of CORE Wellness Club.

CORE Egypt is a branch of an international “body, mind, and soul studio”, with Fitness Guru Omar Attiyah as its Head Technical Coach, providing high-end amenities, trainers, and services to make sure its members get the world-class fitness experience they deserve. CORE is a fitness facility striving to offer what they like to refer to as The Unrivaled Wellness Experience, as it is the first Luxury Fitness Brand in Cairo.



Through choosing the CORE Wellness experience, fitness enthusiasts are provided with a premium gym space equipped with the latest and most technologically advanced training machines and devices – that is to say the least. The CORE facility also provides tailored Functional Training Studios with an atmosphere suited for socializing, body, mind, and soul studios, as well as night studios.

By becoming a member of the Core Wellness Club, you can stay assured that all the small details coming along with having a pair-able fitness experience are covered, as ensuring all your detailed needs being met is their main objective. The facility also provides diverse personal training programs, kickboxing, calisthenics, Pilates, and Yoga classes, as well as personalized nutrition plans.


Main Fitness Area
Night Studio
Yoga Studio

The CORE Wellness Club is an expansive facility, including a dining and shopping area with branches of some of the most extravagant shops, restaurants, and cafes in the world, such as Lululemon, a prestigious Athletic Apparel brand, SIP Specialty Coffee, Cryotherapy Machines, SPA, and a lot more. CORE Fitness Club has also payed attention to those who are passionate about becoming members of the coaching family by offering, for the very first time in the region, Elite Fitness Certifications from Poliquin Partnership to Certify Coaches.

CORE Fitness Coach
CORE Yoga Instructor

CORE Egypt is also a downloadable iOS and Android application providing everyone interested in becoming part of it all the information required. Since gyms have a maximum capacity due to the COVID-19, this application saves you the hassle of going all the way and missing out on a spot or availability, as it also offers pre-booking services.

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