Sometimes, against all reason and beyond logic we tend to fall into societal traps of how to act, what not to do, how to talk,… Every country has it’s own culture, habits and etiquette but in the Middle East there are a few things that are common between us. While some are comforting and strengthen the bonds between us, others seem downright ridiculous and illogical. It’s time that we stand up to the things that simply make no sense to us: why must I leave the rest of my sandwich, can’t I just take it home with me and have it for dinner?

There are a few things we just can’t seem to wrap our heads around… WHY ARE THEY FROWNED UPON?

Taking Leftovers To-Go

Dining Tables That Aren’t Overfilled

How many times have you been to a food gathering and the table looked almost untouched at the end of the meal? It’s like it is embeded in our Arab DNA that every dining table we see must be filled until there is no more space to put a fork. Even if you only have two guests over, the table must be full of food. Arabs are known for their endless generosity and unlimited kindness when it comes to hosting guests. While no one ever complained of having someone be too generous, some of this food ends up being thrown out and the excessive generosity backfires.

Small Intimate Weddings

Weddings are a one-in-a-lifetime opportunity to have a lavish event that you will remember for the rest of your life, they mark the beginning of a new chapter of your life. To many people, this means a fun night with their close friends and family celebrating their love. But unfortunately, there comes a certain kind of societal pressure to “invite more people,” find a bigger space” and “get more food” that you eventually end up spending four times the initial budget just so everyone in your family can come and none of your acquaintances are forgotten. With the prices of basically everything shooting up, maybe it isn’t the worst thing to actually have a small event without a belly dancer and without paying 2-years worth of your salary.

Breast Feeding in Public

Just like we as adults eat, babies have to eat too. It might not be something that we are used to, as it has been stigmatized for women to breast feed in public. The expectation that women needs to hide somewhere overtime they need to feed their babies is actually a burden and sometimes inconvenient. This is why breast feeding covers exist, to help make a breast feeding mother’s life easier, so maybe it’s time society starts taking it easy and not judge mothers?

Kids Who Say No To Unwanted Affection

How many times have you seen a young kid being pushed to give out kisses to strangers? When people see kids, their first reaction is usually “give me a kiss” or “come here i want to give you a hug” and more often than not, this kid will be pushed by their parent to greet the adult/stranger because, 3eib. Society tends to overlook the idea of personal space for kids and they are pushed to do things they could be uncomfortable doing. It’s time we start giving kids respect, respecting their personal space and not pushing them to be affectionate with strangers.