We’ve said it before and you’ve heard it more than you want to… Fruits and vegetables are the building blocks of a healthy diet – rich in vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, fiber and water, it’s a one way ticket to your fountain of youth. But most people aren’t getting enough of the powerhouse nutrients. So we came up with 10 easy and convenient ways for you to simply eat more fruits and vegetables.


  1. Wash, cut, and store your vegetables ahead of time. All it takes is one hour a week to plan for 7 days of salad ingredients and makes preparing and eating salad a whole lot easier.
  2. Don’t eat the same old salad everyday. Experiment with dressings and toppings and take your salads to a whole other level.
  3. Always have fruits and vegetables in your home. Then there’s no excuse not to eat them!
  4. Try eating all the colors of the fruit and vegetable rainbow throughout the week. Each color has its own benefit!
  5. For breakfast, add strawberries to your cereal or bell peppers to your omelet.
  6. Double up the veggies in any recipe.
  7. Choose one day of the week to have a vegetarian source of protein for your main meal.
  8. Swap your lunch or dinner with a super salad – it must include greens, at least one source of protein, healthy fats and complex carbs too to be super and satisfying meal.
  9. Eat more chips – kale, apple, banana, and zucchini chips that is!
  10. Drink your greens! Combined with fruit, green smoothies allow you to increase your vegetable intake without having to force yourself to eat more because you’re drinking something sweet.