Every year we think the weather in Cairo couldn’t get any colder than this, but dealing with it is becoming an on going challenge. We all feel the same, we snug in our beds wrapped in a blanket and all we want to do is stay that way until winter is over. But unfortunately that won’t happen. There are several things that we all suffer from when it comes to cold weather in Egypt, but as usual we’ve got you covered with our tricks on how to beat all of them.

1) Showering

We admit it! Showering is at the top of our things we hate to do in the winter list. It’s that time of year when it’s too cold to shower and too cold to leave the shower. In our search to find ways to make showering less of a marathon, we’ve found a few ways to make it easier.

  • Turn on the hot water before you step into the shower.
  • Gradually turn the hot water down before you get out of the shower to make the water cooler. This way your body won’t be as shocked when you get out of the shower.
  • Open the shower door right before you get out to let in some of the cool air, giving your body time to adjust to the temperature outside the shower.

cold-shower2) Chapped Lips

Dry lips can be a painful part of the cold. The best and easiest way to fight chapped lips is to make sure they’re always moist and soft. Use this 3-ingredient lip scrub made with items from your kitchen.

  • Mix 1 tablespoon of honey with 2 tablespoons of brown sugar and add 1 tablespoon of olive oil. Use every time you feel your lips getting too dry.

a50e6644f19880872d772e60342c6af03) Central Heating

Anyone whose been abroad in the winter knows the blessing that is central heating. Unfortunately, because our summers are so hot and winters so short – almost all houses in Egypt don’t have a central heating system. Which means we’re stuck with cold toilet seats, freezing hallways and unbearable rooms. While we wish we had central heating, these are probably the next best things.

  • Keep curtains closed as the windows help the heat escape
  • Cover up any bare floors, carpets help keep you warm as you walk across your house.
  • Cover up any holes, spaces under doors, basically anything that lets air in and out. Use towels, curtains, duct tape, paper; whatever is necessary to ensure once your house is heated the heat won’t go anywhere.
  • Keep your heater on a lower setting for a longer time instead of switching it on and off all the time.

7e4ebd405c78b06a82a4b09cce7718504) Cold Clothes

One of the worst feelings in winter is rushing to get dressed in the cold, waiting for that moment you’re all cozied up in the 36 layers of clothing only to find your clothes stone-cold making you even colder.

  • Put your clothes over a radiator, or in front to be safer, for just a few minutes. Don’t leave the clothes unattended to avoid any potential danger this could cause.