Ramadan is the month when everybody tends to practice doing more good deeds in order to set the tone for the year and keep up with being generous.

For Ramadan 2021, many commercial cafes and restaurants come up with the most creative ideas to give back and help their customers do the same.

Vapiano, a German Franchise Restaurant introduces a CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) initiative called Every Meal Matters, through which this restaurant/cafe offers the opportunity to give back.

With every meal ordered through Dine-In or Delivery, Vapiano delegates with their team the delivery of an Iftar meal to be shared with someone in need. To transparently keep track of how many meals were offered this year, Vapiano created this page.

Two days ago, Vapiano packed hundreds of Iftar meals and gave it out to people in need.


Influencers and celebrities are very excited about this initiative that they also started talking about it and sharing stories on their platforms using the hashtag #every_meal_matters.

Take the chance to give back this year, order your iftar from Vapiano today.