Have you attended a yoga class or a meditation session before? Did you hear the term “Chakra” being repeated over and over?

Chakras and your Energy Body

Chakras are energy centers within our bodies. The word chakra means “wheel”, it is a spinning wheel of energy where different energy meridians of the body meet in those centers/conjunctions and there are 7 of them, 7 main energy centers.

Your energy body is nonphysical and energetic in nature both the energetic and physical bodies thrive on life force energy that keeps us alive

Meet your Seven Chakras

Crown Chakra:

Located at the top of the head, it gives us access to higher states of consciousness. It is the gateway and source point into enlightenment.
The color of the crown chakra is purple, therefore, the color purple, the amethyst gemstone, Frankincense & lavender oil helps to keep it in balance.

Third-Eye Chakra:

Located in between the eyebrow level but inside mid-brain where your pineal gland is. It is the meeting point between two important energetic streams in the body, it represents intuition and inner knowing, the color for 3rd eye chakra is deep blue, using this color in meditation, sapphire or lapis lazuli gemstones and lavender oil can regain balance to this energy center.

Throat Chakra:

Located in your neck it is your expression chakra and your power center, responsible for our speech and listening skills the color for this chakra is light blue or turquoise, using this color in meditation wearing turquoise or aquamarine gemstones and using eucalyptus oil will balance this center.

Heart Chakra:

At the center of the chest, the heart chakra is said to be the most powerful center and the seat of the soul. The heart has the capacity to radiate the highest aspects of the human being: compassion, unconditional love and total faith in the Divine.

It has two colors, the primary color is green and the secondary color is pink, wearing jade or rose quartz stones keep this one in balance and smelling or wearing rose oil helps balance and open up this energy center.

Solar Plexus Chakra:

Located in the naval where your stomach and belly button are, it is your willpower, physical energy and purpose energy center. The color of this chakra is bright yellow, using this color in meditation wearing tiger eye or citrine gemstones and smelling cinnamon oil if underactive or peppermint oil if overactive (acid reflux could indicate an overactive energy solar plexus) will balance this chakra.

Sacral Chakra:

Located below your navel where your pelvic muscles and area are it represents the water element in the body and is responsible for our reproduction and creativity
When open and balanced it increases our ability to self-heal. The color of this one is orange, using this color in meditation wearing agate or carnelian gemstones and the smell of Ylang Ylang and sandalwood oils will balance this center.

Root Chakra:

Located at the very end of your spine, it represents our connection to the earth and keeps us grounded and responsible for our instinctual needs and survival skills and holds in our fears and avoidances. The color of this chakra is red, using this color in meditation, wearing Garnet or Ruby gemstones or patchouli oil will balance this center.


The Main points to remember about Chakras

1. Chakras are energy and control centers that distribute energy around our systems.

2. Chakras cannot be seen as they are not physical, so we access them through things like breathing, yoga, healing and meditation practices.

3. If your chakras are open and flowing with energy, you will feel energetic.

4. When all chakras are kept unlocked, your body will be able to stay healthy and free of any ailment.

5. Your lifestyle and habits play a big part in keeping these energy centers healthy and productive.

6. As chakras are the connection of all channels that distribute all of our energy to our mind and body, keeping them clear ensures that we have vitality and creative energy flowing at all times.


Open chakras are associated with being in great physical shape and having healthy thoughts and a balanced approach to life.

When our chakras are open and flow with vital energy, our bodies and minds are balanced and our hearts are open to opportunity and adventure.