Think back a few years ago when trying to find quinoa was a thing of a far away land of dreams and the only kinds of milk we knew were skimmed or full cream. In the past few years, health awareness has seen a rise across the country. People have become more aware as to what they should or shouldn’t eat, sports facilities have seen a drastic rise and our favorite part health stores have opened everywhere!

From ‘Healthy sections’ in chain supermarkets to actual specialized stores, Cairo has become fully equipped to accommodate all eating lifestyles from vegans to lactose-intolerants. We are here to provide you with Cairo’s healthy stores and their specialties…

Raw Republic

Raw Republic specialize in creating a smoothie for you that can work as a breakfast, snack, pre-workout or post workout. Their options are endless and all the ingredients are listed on their menu. They also provide healthy snacks and breakfast options, which include yogurt parfaits and oatmeal.









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Nature’s Market

Nature’s Market started as an online store selling a wide range of healthy and local products. They are one of the few places in Cairo that offer hormone-free and chemical-free meat and chicken. You can also find quinoa and chia seeds for around 60LE each, which is much cheaper than the imported quinoa and chia seeds available in most stores. Nature’s market also make their own natural almond milk, 0.25L for 19LE.

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Inseason specialize in a wide range of salads and the creamiest Greek Yogurt you can find in town! They have Greek Yogurt with granola, chia seeds, quinoa, fruits, honey, or plain. They also offer a sugar-free line of yogurts.


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Located all around Cairo, as well as having an online store, Gourmet has a bug variety of organic fresh produce and raw honey from many organic farms. ‘Gourmet Handcrafted’ is a line of their own goods, which includes dips, spreads, stocks and soups all made from natural products.

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Not just another juice place, Lychee make many smoothies, juices and has a range of healthy food and snacks. No matter what time of day you can have breakfast, lunch, dinner or dessert there. They have sandwiches, yogurts, oatmeal, snack bars, healthy cookies and more. All ingredients are natural, healthy and listed on all items.


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Abu Auf

Egypt’s House Of Nuts provides a range of raw nuts, roasted, salted and flavored. They also have dried fruits, dates, chia seeds, oatmeal, coffee beans, prune juice and many other healthy products in their stores. Their range of healthy products which includes chia seeds and oatmeal is cheaper than imported ones and maintains the same quality.


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Ma7ali is a deli and grocery located in Maadi that sells good, clean, fair, locally-sourced food. They grocery includes a lot of different healthy locally produced goods from dried fruits and homemade jams and nut butters to oils and sauerkraut.


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Health Harvest

Health Harvest has two stores as well as an online option, they offer one of the biggest ranges of imported health goods like rice chips, Gluten Free granola, tofu, soya milk, kefir, coconut sugar and many other products.


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Imtenan Health Store

With the biggest number of health stores around Cairo, Imtenan focuses on the production of nutritional and healthy products including natural foods, diet, energy, immunity and skin-care products, as well as nutritional supplements, medicinal herbs, and honeybee products. All products are locally produced so their prices are lower than most imported health products.

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