A designer, an English teacher and more importantly, a cancer survivor. After being diagnosed with Stage 2 breast cancer in September 2016, Yasmine Ghaith decided to find out more about the disease that had taken over her body. After endless hours and days of researching and reading studies from all over the world, Gaith reached a single conclusion about the main cause of cancer development: a bad diet. Having always followed a somewhat unhealthy diet that consisted of unhealthy, processed foods, sugars, red meat and dairy products, and an endless amount of stress played a significant role in the development of cancer cells in her body. This realization was not easy for Gaith, and after the initial shock faded came the realization that she needed to adjust her diet.

Through her research, Gaith read something that struck a chord deep within her, “diseases come from nature, so if you want to get rid of them, go back to nature”. This meant that people should include more fruits and vegetables in their diet, in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle. So that’s what she did: she started to incorporate more fruits and vegetables in her daily routine. It didn’t come as a surprise to her when her next blood test showed that her body was becoming more alkaline – which meant that her body had become more oxygenated due to the mild changes she had made to her diet.

What inspired you to bring awareness to people about the dangers of what they eat?

A: I read a lot about plant based diets and healthy eating, I got really inspired by some stories of people who were able to heal their bodies from cancer and other diseases by only eating healthy. I thought, we don’t really have this kind of awareness in our culture, so I wanted to share my knowledge and experience to help others.

How important do you believe the food you eat is to your recovery process?
A: Eating healthy is as important as my treatment, as it boosts my immunity and nourishes my body.

What kind of foods did you cut out of your diet?
A: I came to a few conclusions that were shocking to me. Red meats, dairy products and sugar are what cancer cells feed on. And I used to consume a lot of meats and sugar in my diet. Since then, I started to cut out meats and animal protein in general from my diet gradually as well as desserts and dairy products.

What are the dangers of dairy in relation to cancer cell development?
A: Nowadays, dairy products include hormones which are extremely dangerous for our bodies. One of the various types of breast cancer is the hormonal one, which means that something went wrong with the natural flow of hormones in our bodies. Dairy products trigger it in a way. I read a study that proved that Asian women almost never develop breast cancer, as they don’t include dairy products in their diets.

Which foods did you start consuming more of?
A: I started to include more fruits and vegetables to my diet. All foods that are full of oxygen. I also started to drink plenty of water.

What does a typical day in your diet consist of now?
A: I won’t claim I’m very healthy now, but at least I’m trying to be and I’m constantly working on it. I eat fruits in the morning (cantaloupe, banana, and apples), then I have sometimes beans (ful) for breakfast, or oats and fruits. As for lunch, I eat rice and cooked vegetables or macaroni with homemade healthy tomato sauce as well as some salad. Sometimes fruits for dinner, or a salad. I sprinkle turmeric on my food and I drink plenty of water throughout the day.

How does turmeric help you fight cancer, and how do you incorporate it in your diet daily?
A: I read that turmeric is like a natural chemotherapy to the body. It fights any abnormal cells and kills them. So do pomegranate and many other natural foods. I put the turmeric in a shaker and I sprinkle it on anything I eat, I also mix it with olive oil and black pepper and add it to salads or macaroni sauce. I also take multivitamins daily, one of which is a whole natural turmeric pill.