There really is no greater ode to women empowerment that women who build each other up, by supporting and celebrating each other’s successes. Hana Elawadi, a lifestyle blogger, is doing just that this April 4th as she is hosting the women empowerment event, at The Nile Ritz Carlton, to topple any other. She is bringing together the most powerful, successful and inspirational women of Egypt to celebrate and empower each other. Elawadi has been supporting local brands after the dollar rise, with her campaign #hanagoeslocal and from there rose the idea of empowering  other women in the industry through her hashtag #hanagoeslocalpower. The next stop in her campaign, is the event that she will be hosting with all the lovely women behind the Local Brands. It’s such a breathe of fresh air to see women break stereotypes and build each other up instead of knock each other’s successes down. The women attending this event are each an inspiration in their own way.

Meet the women whose stories of starting and running their own business here in Cairo are an inspiration to all of us. These women empower us by showing us day in and day out how successful their businesses are and how women can and do run the world. Here are some of the names on the guest list…

  • Amy Mowafi, CEO of MO4

Starting out her career as a writer with a best-selling book, Amy is now the CEO of family-established MO4 networks one of the leading creative digital and media agencies. As well as being a mother of two, Amy sets the bar high for mothers who can lead a company and have a family.

  • Chahira Adel, Nefertari

Owner of Nefertari Products,  which produce  100% natural  Egyptian body care product using only Egyptian raw materials. Nefertari also aims to contribute to the development of the marginalized communities in Egypt by improving their livelihoods and offering them a sustainable form of income, thereby, raising their standard of living.

  • Dahlia Soliman – Founder Of The Egyptian Autistic Society

Dahlia Soliman founded the Egyptian Autistic Society, the first centre of its kind in Egypt in 1999. She finds her passion in advocating for the rights of people with autism and helping any case she comes across. Soliman is a true inspiration.

  • Dina Aly, Managing Director of Matter Branding.

Dina is the managing director of one of the first local agencies devoted to branding. She runs a worldwide award winning branding agency.

  • Fayrouz Eid, Founder & Managing Editor of ‘The Daily Crisp’

“The Nutrition Girl” turned CEO and managing director of The Daily Crisp. A mother of two, who is influencing the health scene in Egypt, one green smoothie at a time. She inspires us all to follow our passion day in and day out.

  • Gihan Sedky – Flower Power

Gihan Sedky is the niece of Malak Taher,  the founder of Flower Power whose journey in this business started around 30 years ago.

  • Laila Sedky, Founder of NOLA cupcakes

The girl who introduced cupcakes to Egypt at a time where cupcake shops were not a common thing. Sedky is a true example of entrepreneurship and hard work. “My father didn’t agree with me. He thought I should not pass by the opportunity of having been accepted to a Master’s program in London, but he supported me 100% in every way, even financially. He wouldn’t do anything else, though, because it was my project and I had to make it work.”


  • Lamia Kamel, CC plus

Lamia Kamel is the Chairman of CC Plus, which started as a small PR boutique 10 years ago and is now a local leading PR firm. She has cooperated with big-name companies such as Sony Mobiles, Ericsson, Nestle and Nile Radio Productions.

  • Maryam Maafa – Psychologist

Maryam has a Masters Degree in Counseling Psychology and works with individuals, couples and families to help them with struggling relationships as well as parents of children with behavioral problems.

  • Mai Abdel Azeem, Founder of ‘What Women Want’

Mai, the founder of leading magazine, What Women Want, and a mother to two young girls. Starting off with a career in Marketing, Abdel Azeem then decided to follow her calling in 2006 and start up her magazine. She continues her success by starting a digital marketing agency and Egypt’s only travel magazine. The epitome of an Egyptian wonder woman who can do it all!

  • Mounaz Abdel Raouf & Aya Abdel Raouf, Co-founder Of Okhtein

A highly skilled painter who owns one of the biggest brands on the rise in Egypt, Mounaz and her sister Aya are the founders of Okhtein. Okhtein take a philanthropic approach to manufacturing their products, collaborating with local NGOs that work to provide assistance to skilled female workers who have faced hardship. Empowering other women is a part of their brand identity as well as something they do instinctively. Their international success has given hope to many women across the country who have seen many well-known international celebrities wearing their designs.

  • Nada Adel, Founder Of Nada Adel Apparel

Nada Adel is the founder of Nada Adel Apparel, a luxury lingerie brand that sells lingerie that can also double as outerwear. Her lingerie line, introduced a new kind of local wear to Egyptian women as the designs can be styled both as lingerie and as outerwear for the more bold and daring. Adel’s bold designs push women to be confident, be sexy and be daring.


  • Sara Nour, Founder of Sara’s Organic Food

Sara Nour, owner of Sara’s Organic Food, helps provide clean produce to people who need and deserve it from the farm to the table. “If my story helps serve as an example then that makes me happy. But ultimately I do the best I can in what I believe in and what I am passionate about.”

  • Sarah Salmawy – Art & Design Historian
With an MA from Parsons School of Design, Sarah Salmawy is a Art & Design Historian. She practices graphic design in Cairo and loves art, design, philosophy & all things visual culture.

  • Sherry El Kilany & Sabrina Khalil– Co-Founder of Scoop Empire

Sherry El Kilany and Sabrina Khalil are the co-founders of Scoop Empire and partners in Nineteen84 Management. A powerful duo that embody the things women can do when they put their heads to it. Two best friends who empowered each other and brought their vision to life when they co-founded Nineteen84 luxury and event management. But they didn’t stop there, their empowerment grew as they also started up Scoop Empire.

  • Yasmine Abu Youssef – Founder Of Tawasol

Empowering other women is not a new concept for Yasmine Abu Youssef founder of Tawasol Egypt, which is an initiative that aims to empower women in the impoverished areas of Cairo. Tawasol helps provide free education for children, as well as teaching the children a craft that will allow them to help out their families rather than drop out of school. Tawasol also provide women in need training and workshops to help them find employment. Empowering women is sort of second nature to Abu Youssef.