The idea of getting out of bed an hour early every day and food prepping or dragging yourself to the gym naturally doesn’t appeal to everyone. Sometimes life demands different priorities from us as well that can get in the way of what’s considered a healthy or balanced lifestyle. Thankfully, just a few changes can save you a ton of time and effort, while still reaping the health and fitness benefits we all want and need.

Make Use of The Freezer

frozen fruitStocking up on frozen fruit, veggie, and home cooked meals means it will be much easier for you to eat healthy when you don’t have time or are feeling lazy. Instead of reaching for the phone and ordering takeaway, you can simply defrost a meal and heat it up in just a few minutes. The good news is freezing preserves almost all of the nutrients in food, so nutritionally it is just as good as fresh food. Get all the info you need for freezing and our full item breakdown here.

Cook in Batchesfood prepAs they say ‘prep once, eat healthy all week’. Instead of cooking a fresh homemade meal everyday, try cooking in bulk whenever you have a few hours to spare. You can cook all your lunches for the upcoming week and store them in your fridge or freezer. You can even prepare pre-workout smoothies and breakfast oats in advance. We’ve broken down the best techniques and ingredients for getting in a full week’s worth of food prep for you here.

Consider At Home Workoutsat home workoutDo you find it hard fitting the gym into your daily routine, and hate being stuck in traffic for longer than the time you spend there? Thankfully, there are other options. You can use an at home DVD or a YouTube video to get your heart rate up and feel your muscles work all from the comfort of your living room. You can even exercise while watching your favorite TV show. Whether it’s early in the morning, or late at night after you put the kids to bed, find a time that works for you and learn to treat your body right. You deserve that.

Make Exercise a Bonding ActivityUntitled1 bondingEver wonder why people who workout in gyms or various fitness boxes seem to share this strong and sometimes seemingly random bond? You could say those who sweat together stay together. Instead of meeting with your friends in that same café or restaurant you always sit in, how about encouraging each other to go for a run, long walk, sign up for a new gym or try a fitness class together? Not only is this an excellent opportunity to inject fitness into your mundane routine, but releasing endorphins together does actually create a bonding feeling that will last. You’ll also be able to motivate each other to show up and make progress in whatever activity it is you choose.

Reward YourselfgiftDespite what you might think, guilt and shame are more demotivating than motivating. Rewarding yourself for your achievements is much more effective. Learn to push yourself when you need to, and pamper and indulge when you want to. If you can, set aside one day a week or bi-weekly designated to your own personal pampering routine. Balance is the key to health, wellness, and happiness.