Eat Breakfast
Skipping breakfast is associated with weight gain, not because not eating in the morning will make you fat, but this is usually how it works. You skip breakfast and you are hungry a few hours later at the office. What are you going to eat? Something nutritious and healthy, or a quick processed snack containing sugar, wheat, dairy and all the unhealthy things our body reacts to? You know the answer yourself. If you don’t have time for breakfast get out of bed just 10 minutes earlier and try out these 10 minutes (or less) breakfast ideas.

Give Up Soft Drinks
You could really do without the 140 calories and 33g of sugar in the can of coke you usually drink. If you are a diet soft drink drinker, then you could also do without the artificial sweeteners. Artificial sweeteners have been shown in several studies to cause weight gain, as they affect insulin sensitivity in our fat cells and can promote fat storage.

Drink More Water
This brings us nicely onto our next healthy habit. While giving up soft drinks, replacing said soft drinks with good old water will have a doubly positive effect on your health. Our brains can sometimes confuse hunger and thirst cues, so sipping on a glass of water next time you are feeling ‘hungry’ can often banish those cravings. Drinking a glass of water 30 minutes before your meals has been proven to decrease the amount of food you will eat too, and help you feel fuller faster.

No Junk At Home
How many of us have reached for the ‘secret’ stash of chocolate and crisps in the kitchen cupboards late at night? Cleaning out your house of any temptations will prevent you from making mindless impulse decisions that can hinder your weight loss journey. That way, when you do indulge it can be well earned and outside the house.

Stay Active
Going at your own pace and being realistic is important when it comes to fitness and staying active. Whether it is simply walking more, doing an at-home workout, or joining the gym and giving it your all, find what works for you and get into a routine that you can stick to. This will help with weight loss, but being active will also make you a generally happier person and improve overall health.

Prep and Plan
Waiting until you are hungry to decide what to eat means you will grab whatever is in front of you when the hunger pangs do kick in. Instead, always make sure you know what you will be eating for the day ahead and have all the necessary ingredients at hand. If you have your packed lunch with you at the office, it is much less likely that you will pick up the phone and order takeaway at lunchtime. Similarly, if you have some raw nuts or fresh fruit to snack on in your car you won’t be reaching for that bag of crisps from the supermarket.

Eat Better, Not Less
Starving yourself not only slows down your metabolism, but also increases your chances of eventually binging. Having frequent meals keeps your metabolism engaged allowing you to burn overall more calories throughout the day; you need fuel to burn food. The key to weight loss is to choose more nutritious foods to replace unhealthy foods with, not cut down on food.