Finally, the Healthy Food Options series has moved to the Lunch section. Whether its the weekend or you’re craving for some fuel that will keep you full and energized after a long weekday, here are our favorite 5 healthy lunch options in Sheikh Zayed.



This is a restaurant that no matter what you eat there will always make you craving for more (I’m not sorry!). On a more serious note, we seriously adore this place. The food, service and pretty much everything else is worth making it part of your stable

Taco Salad

Chicken cubes sweet corn, shredded lettuce, caramelized walnuts, onions, mixed cheese, and tomatoes served in a crispy fried tortilla shell, topped with ranch dressing. You can skip eating the taco shell (I know its hard to resist) but if you really want this to be as healthy as it can be, fried taco shell is not the way to go. The same goes for the ranch dressing, opt for a lighter dressing or you can even skip it altogether.


Mo Bistro 

A fantastic food joint that has all the outdoor brunch vibes. We love how versatile Mo Bistro is, whether it’s an early morning meeting or it’s a casual date night, it really is the perfect place to go eat good food.

Fettuccine Shrimp

fettuccine with shrimp, mushroom, topped with dill in a creamy lemonish sauce. That’s okay, we all drooled the first time we saw it too!


What can I say, we can’t run out of nice things to say about the Eatery. We just can’t get enough of everything they do, whether it’s your basic salmon salad (that’s not so basic) or it’s a wild assortment of sushi (YES, they have sushi that’s to do for!)

Shrimp and Salmon Chirashi

With avocado and rice, served with fresh and pickled ginger, sriracha sauce and topped with sesame seeds. It may look small and cute but we dare you to finish it all.


Speaking of Eatery vibes, this place has great food that’s usually served on wooden plates that give you all the rustic feels. It’s a great place to go if you want to enjoy a good meal outside in the fresh air.

Stuffed Chicken Breast

Sun-dried tomatoes, sauteed baby spinach, and danish feta stuffed chicken breast served with your choice of either mushroom risotto or Mexican rice. We recommend the Mexican rice for a healthy option.

This is one of my personal favorite places to go to for a meal I know will warm my heart body and soul. The service here is beyond friendly and the food will leave you happily satisfied in all matters of the tummy.

Smoked Salmon and Baby Mozzarella Salad

Mixed greens, fresh baby mozzarella, premium smoked salmon, avocado, grapefruit, fresh dill and grilled corn on the cob topped with balsamic dressing. It’s like the epitome of salmon salads (if you can call it just a salad).
That concludes our first installment of the Healthy Lunch options in Sheikh Zayed, you know the drill by now. If you live in the area or know anyone who does, send them this guide for your next healthy gathering of good food. However, if you’re reading this and it’s too early for lunch, we have a whole list of healthy breakfast options.
If you don’t live in Sheikh Zayed, here are healthy lunch options in
Feature Image Credit: Ella Olsson