My favorite professor always said: “you have chances to fail now that you will never get later on in life. USE EVERY ONE OF THEM.”

As teenagers, we get a lot of ideas for businesses, but with the ideas comes fear.

Here is everything you need to know about starting a business as a student!

Be Authentic

Turning a thought to touchable reality takes a lot of adjustments.

Write your idea down just how you imagined it and adjust everything that is too unrealistic so you can fit it into the real world!

Pro-Tip: Ask people around you if they need such a product or project, just to assure that what you are creating is demanded and would actually grab people’s interest!

Dare to Believe

“Entrepreneur” is a title that over the years we believed is only for 30-40-year-old men/women who drive luxurious cars and dress fancy.


“Business Owner” is a title that is open for whoever dares to take the step; regardless of how intimidating it can be.

You just have to get over the criteria that you yourself have set for the idea of what the title “business owner” or “entrepreneur” means; this step will immediately get you over any barriers your mind has created for you.

It doesn’t matter if you cancel meetings for a lecture, send emails while waiting for the school bus, or save the allowance your parents give you to book a venue You Still Are Fit to Be a Business Owner!

A Room, Internet Connection, and You

Business is all about person to person contact, so you need to ultimately reach people through what they use the most throughout their day! THEIR PHONES.

To do so all you need is:

  1. A quiet room
  2. Internet connection
    1. announce your new business to the world
  3. Contacts (if offering a product)
  4. Small Starting Budget (if offering a product)
  5. Paid ads, Facebook account, Instagram, and a website if needed.

Make sure to tell your friends and family about it too, maybe they themselves aren’t interested, but they probably know someone who knows someone who would be! So SPREAD THE WORD.

Now you officially have a business even if it exists in virtual reality.

The Power of Being a Teen!

One of the most important strengths and weaknesses you have when starting your business, in this case, is that you’re a teenager!

Always remember that.

Sometimes you will be told “you are too young to be here”; this can be heard in different situations such as:

“You are too young to be here, so sorry I can’t book you this place”


“You are too young; how can I rely on you?”

On the other hand, though, there are people who can express it differently:

“You are too young to be here; we support young entrepreneurs so here is a 50% discount!!”

“You are too young to be here, so we will cover your event and shout you out for free!”

So, the ultimate mission is to use the opportunities we get and by time, when we prove ourselves in our different fields, the “negative comments” about age start to slowly fade turning to glances of admiration instead.

Feeling Trapped and Free at the Same Time

Work sometimes can become as annoying as the “high school principal”; in terms that sometimes long-anticipated outings will be canceled for an important meeting, or compromising those shoes you really wanted to save money for a business outing instead.

Of course, this automatically births what I like to call “mixed emotions” because when we think to ourselves, we find that we love what we do, but we still want to go out or want to sleep in an extra hour.

How to deal with this distress then??!

Good news and bad news are that WE GET A BIT OF EVERYTHING!

We get to go out but not for too long, we get to have a little work experience, we get exactly the grade we need to pass.

The only thing for sure though is that in the end, we will always be ahead in different things, even if it is by taking one step at a time.

Full Schedule Up and Running?!

To keep our businesses alive, we always have to have an idea up our sleeves.

Something to be done easily and fill up the schedule.

Be selective with what you choose to add to your schedule, you don’t want to downgrade; however, at the same time, you don’t want to leave the business stale work for a long while, especially at the start.

Payment Doesn’t Always Mean Money

Some synonyms to Payment can be exposure and relations.

Don’t expect to buy everything needed or even start providing the business through before a year or so!

Payment sometimes comes by time – later on, through important connections and/or trust to execute more projects in the future.

So, don’t set the bar too high when it comes to financials.

Go ahead and share these tips with your friends who need to keep these tips in mind in order to start running a successful business!