Seeing that the whole world has been “on pause” for a while, due to the sudden appearance of COVID-19; many people seem to be distressed about not only the situation but also the inability to adapt to a new routine that includes all the activities accomplished in a regular “non-social-isolation” day.

Staying at home though is not as inconvenient as we might think, as it gives us time to rest, reflect, connect to ourselves and deepen the bond with our families.


However, for as long as this period of social isolation lasts, the biggest challenge most of us face is staying healthy, active, and fit – since we have no more access to any of the fitness classes, gyms, or training facilities.

Maintaining healthy nutrition is also another challenge many of us may be facing at the moment. Before quarantine, the kitchen was never 10 steps away, and the daunting snacks cabinet wasn’t always full of chocolate, leaving us thinking that we had no other option but “guiltlessly” indulging in it.

In fact, there are other options available, we just have to willingly choose to eat healthily and train at home.

In this article, I aim to provide some general guidelines to follow in an effort to maintain your fitness or limit the “loss” of the progress done when you had access to fitness classes and/or the gym.

Of course, keeping yourself in shape includes working out as well as mindfully nurturing your body, and if these were not already your habits while being home before the current situation, you might be struggling a bit to get things done.

These guidelines are suitable for any level of fitness, whether you’ve been training for 3 years or just started it a few weeks back.

Here are the main 3 points to look at while implementing your new health and nutrition routine at home.

Each topic is categorized and simplified as much as possible so that this doesn’t end up being a 36 days read!! 🙂


1. Nutrition

Nutrition is the most important factor in the phase we’re currently going through as it is the most direct way to fight the virus and keep it at bay.

Even in keeping ourselves in shape, nutrition remains the main determinant of whether we lose weight or not.

Running a mile a day while binging on McDonald’s, or greasy homemade food doesn’t work for losing weight and staying in shape – a bad diet can never be out-trained. When we take care of what we eat we won’t find it difficult to train; hence, even when we’ll go back to our normal lives, it will be much easier to catch up with the routine again.

So, nutrition can be very simple when we keep in mind these few important facts.
  1. Make sure to eat 2 servings of fruits per day
  2. Make sure to include protein in every meal
  3. Make sure to stay away from processed foods as they have a very high caloric count
  4. Don’t panic if you were unable to keep your nutrition healthy for a few days, the most important thing is that you find a way to get back on track.
  5. Give yourself a “reward” every now and then, when needed.

Whether if we want to reach a certain desired shape, or if we simply want to maintain our fitness during these times, it is very important that we keep an eye out for … things

  1. Caloric intake
  2. Muscle gain
  3. Protein intake
  4. Water intake

To learn more about how to count your daily caloric intake and keep track of your muscle gain, protein intake, and water intake click here.


2. Physical Activity

Physical activity is as important as nutrition to keep the virus away from us and boost our immunity.

Since most of us have no access to gym equipment or gyms at the moment, the following tips can help keep the blood in your body pumping and increase the chances of keeping your fitness.

On regular days, each person would get at least a minimum movement during the day.

To keep ourselves in shape we have to move even if we can not get out of our houses to do so.

Here’s how you can get a bit of daily movement from home every day.

a. Walking

You don’t necessarily have to run!

Just by having 30 minutes – 1-hour walk daily (averaging around 8,000 – 10,000 steps) helps with decreasing water retention and burning off some extra calories.


b. Using Safe Public Facilities (if available)

Using safe public facilities such as clubs can be a great option as well, as long as you’re taking precautionary measures.

However, I would not personally recommend this and it will be at your own risk if you chose it as your way to go.

  1. Running
  2. Swimming
  3. Outdoors workout


3. Working Out from Home

In case you choose to stay home and still want to work out and burn those calories and extra fats as well as boosting your immune system, here are some easy exercises.

Note: all these exercises are to be self-designed depending on your own level of fitness.


1. push-ups

There are types suitable for every fitness level, you can segment them as you please.

The target is to complete 50 – 100 push-ups daily.

a. kneeling
b. Normal Push-ups
c. Incline Push-ups


2. Squats

There are types suitable for every fitness level, you can segment them as you please.

The daily target is to complete 100 – 200 squats daily.

a. Air Squats
b. Jumping Squats
c. Split Squats


d. Lunges



3. Pull-ups (if possible)

There are types suitable for every fitness level, you can segment them as you please.

Completing a total of 10 – 30 pull-ups daily is the target.

a. Strict Pull-up
b. Jumping Pull-up

it’s the same as the Strict Pull-up, only starting off with a jump.


c. Negative Pull-up



4. Core Strengthening Workout

There are types suitable for every fitness level, you can segment them as you please.

Make sure to complete a total of 30 – 100 sit-ups daily.

a. Sit-ups


b. Russian Twists


c. Leg Raisers


d.Sky Reachers
e. Planks



3. Alter your Daily Habits

Whether if you’re looking to maintain your current level of fitness or working on losing weight, make sure to keep these tips in mind every day while making quotidian decisions.


a. Eating habits

Make sure to always pick the healthier and lower in calories and sugar options. To learn more about how to read the nutritional facts of food click here.


b. Move More

Remember to stand up if you’ve been sitting for a while and walk around or go up and down the stairs, in your building if you don’t want to go out or workout but still want to move.


c. Hydrate

Choose hydrating foods and make hydration diverse and fun. You can make smoothies with immune-boosting fruits, leaves and nuts, juices, and the best way ever as always is to drink water as much as you can – make sure to always have a bottle on and set a daily target of 3 large bottles daily.


d. Sleep

Aim for going to bed before 12 am and make sure you’re up early as you would if you had to go to school or work. Remember to keep an eye on your sleeping cycles. Make sure you sleep from 6 to 7 and a half hours.


e. Mindset

Remember to keep your mindset as positive as you can, regardless of what’s currently going on and the impact the current situation has on you and your family. Remember that this too shall pass. When we put the effort into staying positive things eventually turn out alright.

Remember guys, this is completely new to all of us, so if you feel a bit out of place or can’t really grasp what to do, that’s 100% okay.

All you need to do is start training and managing your nutrition correctly based on the guidelines mentioned.

If you’d like to follow weekly workouts, I post 4 new workouts every week on my IG account!! Be sure to check that out!!