The endless stories and posts of everyone’s freshly baked cookies, burned pans, and home-cooked meals got the best of me, and I had to find out WHY?! 

Without further ado here is why your feed is full of pictures of food during these days! 


Cooking Stimulates the Senses

Cooking is an activity that requires using your 5 senses with full focus. You have to look closely, smell every ingredient, mix things, and put your taste buds to use. 

All of the above stimulates the senses and release endorphins, which are hormones associated with feeling rewarded & happy. 

Picture by Kevin McCutcheon


In many cultures, cooking is an act of love and an expression of appreciation. 

You can cook out of boredom, but you will still be looking forward to the reaction of your loved ones when they taste what you cooked, or what your friends think even if it’s just through a comment on a picture on social media. 

Picture by Soroush Karimi

Creativity, Experimentation, and Curiosity

Finding a new recipe that is odd and catchy is somewhat creative.

Being curious about a new recipe gives us a sense of adventure, probably the only thing that would cause us an adrenaline rush right now is to set a pan on fire, and attempt to cook as experimentation.  

Picture by Nikita Tikhomirov

I don’t think I would have to mention how much we are all longing for this sense of excitement and bodily engagement at the moment; even if it is initiated by what seemed to be just normal and trivial less than a month ago: a meal!


Cover by Toa Heftiba