The day my husband decided to join a CrossFit box, I wasn´t surprised at all!

It felt normal and logic, he’s a man, and men are usually into weight lifting and challenging games.

Of course, I am not stereotyping! You have to watch lady Cross-Fitters though. Stunning!

Still, however, when a man says he wants to build muscles, the statement crosses anyone’s mind smoothly.

But the day he announced he is joining a Yoga class; I have to admit, my mind stopped for a while to process this input. My husband? Yoga? And since this occurred several years ago, my “programmed” mind started to jump to many conclusions that he’d get bored, he’d be outnumbered by lady practitioners or would feel out of his league, and it went convincing me that my husband, who had just discovered his passion for tough sports, wouldn’t last an hour on a yoga mat.

Yes, I was wrong.! He loved it.

He wanted it more and kept looking forward to his yoga class. The thrilling part is that he started to change, the fantastic mood he came home with after practice was so obvious.

He was calm, joyful, glowing, his inner peace showed on his outside, and the yoga effect lasted! Till when? well, now we own a Yoga Studio and he´s a certified Yoga teacher ?


Women’s Yoga VS Men’s Yoga

The typical images of lean women wearing tight exercise outfits, stretching and bending may give men an inaccurate idea about Yoga. Men would think “why would I do that? it´s a girl’s thing!”

Also, the idea of yogis sitting on the mat in (Sukhasana) Easy Pose, motionless for hours (like Laila Shoeir & Ahmed Ramzy in the movie Zizi´s Family) may make Yoga, sounds boring for dynamic men.

Luckily, more men have been going “against the current” lately; finding the courage to test the waters of Yoga, and simply willing to try something new.


Yoga Makes Men Stronger, Leaner and Happier!

So, Gentlemen, what is in it for you?

Before starting here, let´s take the time to remind ourselves again: “Yoga is not a girls thing!” and “Yoga does not require sitting still like a rock for hours.”

The latter makes it anything other than lame.

Yoga is actually a refreshing, energizing activity which I promise you can give you a good sweat too. The list of its benefits is too long to be covered in an article.

So, here are some of the great benefits of Yoga, just to tickle your buds with.


Improves Flexibility and Mobility

Yoga stretches so many muscles in many ways that are not typical in everyday life or in other activities; thus, it helps to lengthen and relax the major muscle groups where many people experience tightness like the hamstrings, hips, and shoulders.

Many yoga poses involve joints rotation which improves their durability by strengthening the connective muscle tissue. Which should put Yoga on the list of Athletes’ top priorities.


Muscles Building

Yes, Yoga uses natural body weight and resistance to build lean muscle mass. It also lengthens muscles and tissues, which improves blood flow, and better blood flow means more oxygen to the muscles, which helps them grow.


Enhances Creativity and Productivity

Why give in to stressful deadlines, countless unread emails, and even toxic working environment; when we can simply make life more successfully manageable with Yoga?!

But, how does Yoga make life more manageable? Header2

The immense amount of breathing required while doing a Yoga practice automatically clears out the mind making it more focused.

This mindful effect resulting from mindful breathing is meditative in a calmingly relaxing way.

By having a clear and focused mind, one will be more prone to successfully manage their time efficiently through prioritizing and becoming more creative.

This high productivity results in acquiring a healthy sleep cycle, which as a result, increases emotional, mental and physical performance.

Making us and everyone around us happier.


Yoga is Also A Challenging Activity

I’ve promised it’s a good sweat too!

The fast-paced types of Yoga such as Power Yoga, Ashtanga, Vinyasa; will definitely challenge the body into following the rhythm while learning new poses.

In mere words, Yoga is a life-changing practice. Does it have to be your thing since it’s becoming more popular everywhere? No.! Is it worth a try though? Definitely, yes!


Share this article with all your male friends, and female friends so that they can share it with other male friends, and stay tuned for more info on Yoga and Holistic Health. See you on the mat! ?