I won’t lie, the snooze button is my best friend. I set five different alarms just so I can wake up on time every single day. I wake up cranky and moody until I have my morning cup of black coffee. The thing is, though, having a successful, fruitful career requires that one wakes up and starts the day early to get everything done. So, as you can imagine, the struggle is REAL.

I decided to reach out to our followers on Instagram to see which ones are early birds and which ones are night owls. I wanted some reassurance; I wanted to feel like I wasn’t the only one struggling. A whopping 62% of those who voted on the poll were ‘night owls’ and so I decided to help all of us out and ask some real, actual morning people for some advice.

Here’s where Alia Abdoun, a 23 year-old university student, and a total morning person who wakes up at 6 am on weekdays and at 8 am on weekends, comes in. “I think the key is to get out of bed as soon as you open your eyes and to wash your face. Otherwise, if you just lay there it’s gonna set a slow and lazy pace for the day,” she explained. As for her morning rituals, she likes to squeeze a workout in the morning to get herself all hyped for the day while listening to music. “The tip I can give would be to literally fake it till you make it. The whole “I’m grumpy/not a morning person” attitude is all in your head- so if you start pushing yourself to wake up earlier and put yourself in a positive mindset in the morning, it will surely turn into a lifestyle,” she stated.

“The first thing I do is literally jump out of bed, splash my face with cold water and brush my teeth- super refreshing!” stated Mina Younan, a 23 year-old violinist. “The key to having a good morning is making sure you smile once you’re up. It’s all about thinking about the things you’re grateful for,” he continued.

The takeout from all of this is that when I really thought about it, changing your attitude can really help with changing your lifestyle. Just convince yourself in the morning that you’re happy and blessed to wake up and start the day. Think about how much more you can accomplish by waking early and how much more productive your day will be. You can start by going to bed earlier, and getting out of bed the minute you open your eyes instead of lazing around. It’s all about finding that inner drive to push yourself.