No, it’s not a typo. I wrote “Busy” in quotation marks because let’s face it, we all have the same 24 hours as Beyoncé, and if she can stay fit, still go on tours, record videos, win awards, alongside raising 3 children and still be Beyoncé, then by God, you can too!

So, even if you have 6 kids, work 3 jobs, and run a charity in your spare time, you’ve got no more excuses after reading this post. Why? Because these exercises are ones you do WHILE living your day to day life. No need to schedule GYM TIME!


Let’s take a run through an average day for instance:

When You Wake Up



Morning Stretch: Start the day by stretching your muscles and giving them a light wake up call. It’s like you’re nudging them into action, so you feel ready to take on your day. Plus, it will highly improve your morning zombie walk to the coffee machine (Hello living human walk, we’ve missed you!).


When In The Bathroom



Standing Leg Lifts:  There are so many exercise opportunities that lie in our daily activities in the bathroom, for example, you can do “Standing Leg Lifts” while brushing your teeth. Or even attempt to “wall sit” for a more advanced teeth-brushing session of an exercise.


Squat: Squat while you go do your thing in the bathroom (awesome practice for when mother nature calls & there’s not a humane toilet seat in site…we’ve all been there).


While Going To The Kitchen


Walking Lunges: Now you’re going to the kitchen for the reason you woke up in the first place – Coffee! Why not go there doing some “Walking Lunges”? You’re walking either way, why not firm those glutes and strengthen those quads while you’re at it!



When In The Kitchen


Standing Side Leg Raises: You spend so much time in the kitchen either cooking, cleaning, doing the dishes, or cutting up some kind of vegetable. So, why not work those legs and do “Standing Side Leg Raises”, to strengthen your glutes, hip flexors, and inner and outer thighs. Helping you fit better into your favorite skirt or pair of jeans is just the cherry on the cake.





Sumo Squats: Doing a squat or two of these are awesome for your core (abs baby!) and butt. Just make sure you’re doing them right, by keeping your back straight and listening to your body and it’s current limitations. We say “current” because you know your body will get more flexible and stronger the more you do these exercises, and you’ll say “Adios” to your limitations.



When In The Evening



Prayer Pulses: You’ve cooked, the kids are doing their homework (or up to some kind of mischief), either way, they’re quiet in their rooms. So it’s your time for some tea & a good read (AKA catching up on your Daily Crisp reading * wink wink *). Why not do some “Prayer Pulses” while you’re resting on your favorite chair? They’ll perk up that chest and give your shoulders and arms a good workout. These are really easy to do, sit up straight and just move your arms up and down in the position shown in the picture, making sure your elbows are touching the whole time.

Arm Circles: While you’re sitting there raise your arms to both sides and turn them in small then bigger circles to help tone those shoulder and arms even more and give your chest muscles a stretch. Make sure your palms are facing upwards the whole time to get the best out of this mini workout sesh.



Tricep Dip: If you’re really in the mood, you can help say goodbye to the much hated “Bat Wings” and go for some Triceps Dips. As much as you should love every inch of your body, -bat wings and all- you should also be able to support your body weight if you ever fall off a cliff and holding on to dear life is your only option.


When It’s Time For Bed


Happy Baby Pose: You’re off to bed after a super long hectic day and you can’t even think of doing anything more. Great because this last “exercise” doesn’t even require you to be upright. Just lie down on your bed and hug your feet up in the air for “Happy Baby” yoga pose. This one will open up your hips and give you a surge of endorphins, so you sleep with a smile on your face. Plus it helps with lower back pain (from sitting on a desk all day), so yay for the happy back!


And you’re done!


See, you’ve just spent an entire busy day doing all of your chores and duties and still got to work that body in a way that will help you maintain and maybe reach your desired weight if you’re consistent with it. Do all these exercises for as many repetitions as you want without being too hard on yourself so you don’t discourage yourself. You should be happy in your body no matter what it looks like, or how much it weighs. The point here is to help improve your body’s fitness and strengthen those muscles, and of course, let out your inner Queen B!



Please be advised, you need to ask your OB/GYN if you’re pregnant before engaging in any strenuous activity, and if you have any health issues always get your doctor’s approval first before including any new exercise in your daily routine.


If you want to take things further and actually allot time of your day for your workout, here are videos you can do in the comfort of your own home.