Who doesn’t love traveling! I would save money just to book a trip and spend it all exploring a new city. When I became a mom I thought that would have to change, I was wrong. It just required more packing and a little extra planning.

You can still plan the small occasional getaway with your partner, but once you travel with your kids you will never regret it. Yes, tiring of course, but truly worth the trouble, and here’s why:

1) They sleep better, and that’s why you get to sleep better too!

When you’re traveling with kids you spend much more time outside than when you’re home, that’s the whole point of traveling, right? To stay out! So by the end of a long day of activities, fun and lots of walking they’re usually drained and ready to call it a night. They’ll probably fall asleep in no time and give you the chance to get some rest and you all get to wake up fresh and full of energy, ready for a new day of exploration.

2) They become flexible

Being far from home means a change in their routine. From a new bed to a totally new environment, nothing is predictable for them any more. Babies are creatures of habit, and consequently the parents become even more so, but change is actually welcome every once in a while. In fact it could do both parties much good. Children can easily fall in the pattern of handling jet lag, new environments and different eating/sleeping schedules sometimes even more easily than we do. They actually handle the whole situation quite well knowing that they are doing all kinds of exciting activities with their parents all day while having their undivided attention.

3) They discover new foods

You’ll obviously be staying in an hotel or an Air bnb and won’t have the facilities to prepare home made meals daily, but don’t worry, you deserve a break too! Plus, children need to try new things; you never know what your picky eater might like. Let them try new foods and watch their reactions but make sure you capture those priceless facial expressions on camera.

4) It’s fun to see the world from their perspective

You may be visiting a destination that you’ve previously visited before becoming a parent, but going back with your child will make you see it from a totally different perspective. Children make us stop and notice beautiful details, and they are so easy to please… A simple walk around a lake could generate so many interesting topics of conversation. So slow down and let them take the lead, even if they just want to dig a hole, throw some rocks or simply watch a fish swim back and forth… we tend to take those things for granted but children always find beauty in the simplest things. They don’t need to visit expensive extravagant places from the “Must Do” list.

5) They’ll learn to be grateful

Planning a trip with kids requires certain planning; everything has to be child friendly and fun. And when they have fun we have fun, so even if you don’t get to do everything you want to do/see. You’ll be having so much fun with them and they’ll be so thankful for that and believe it or not they will find ways to thank you in their own cute little ways. A hug, a kiss or a cuddle in bed is worth a thousand words… and the best thing is they remember. They’re making beautiful memories with you and that is priceless.

6) Consider it an educational investment

You’ll get to teach them one on one about cultures, languages and history among so many other things – rather than just reading about them in a book. From the moment you step on an airplane with them you’ll find yourself teaching them new things every day without even realizing it.

7) They become more tolerant

Children are curios by nature, the more things they get exposed to the more they ask and it’s us parents who get to answer those questions and it’s a big responsibility because we are shaping up a child’s mind. Traveling will expose them to different cultures and they get to learn to respect other people, and learn the meaning of co-existence at a young age, and that is a very valuable lesson.

8) Children under the age of two can travel practically for free!

They don’t get a seat on the airplane so you don’t need to buy a full ticket, and they enter all museums or other touristic attractions for free, so what are you waiting for? Try to plan at least one trip before your kid turns two!