When you were a kid, every time you would have to introduce yourself in front of a classroom or simply to a new friend, you most likely were asked what your favorite color is.

It’s usually the color you like wearing the most, or the color associated with your favorite cartoon character. When you grew up, your favorite color isn’t just the color you like wearing most, but it becomes the color you find is most appealing to your eyes, whether it’s in your wall paint or your nail polish or even your bathtub curtain.


What you may not know is that the color that appeals most to your eyes can reveal so much about your character and your overall nature. You may not necessarily exhibit all the characteristics but you will probably relate to something in the description.
In the article down below we will list a few colors in order from most popular to the least.


If blue is the color that appeals most to your eyes then you are generally a very peaceful and calm person. You are a good listener and you even give very practical advice sometimes. Your house and work area are usually very neat and organized. Because of your stable nature, you are very sensitive to change and prefer stability and routine.


You like to be seen and have your presence be noticed and appreciated. You are passionate and short-tempered. You love deeply but once you’re hurt, revenge is all the other end should expect. Most people who prefer red are impulsive and make quick and risky decisions without thinking about the consequences.



People who prefer green are usually attracted to nature and wildness. They like living simple and organic lives. These people are usually very sensitive to the opinions of others about them and are usually desperate to feel secure about themselves or their lives in general.



Black is preferred by people who have their guards up and favor sharing less with people they don’t know well. They are drawn to details and usually, think in a more sophisticated way than most people. If your go-to color is black then you’re most likely a practical person that takes the right way, not the easy one.



You are most likely to be optimistic and like to see the best in people. You are a minimalist who gets easily irritated by clutter and overcrowdedness. You have a pure and soft heart. However, because of your naiveness, you may easily be fooled sometimes.


You have a playful and bubbly character. You are aloof and like to joke around very often. You can easily make friends with about anyone and you have the ability to make anyone’s day any second. You are most likely to be a morning person who likes getting their tasks done in the bright light of day.


If you are drawn to purple, then you most likely think in an extraordinary and supernatural nature. You don’t like living within people’s ideals and like to live in your own unique way. You are rebellious and like to live your life like you’re in a sci-fi movie.



You are reliable and dislike complications. You don’t delve too deeply into your life. You accept it as it is and you don’t like switching things up too often. You have a very straight forward attitude. You like getting things done without wasting time on too many unnecessary details.



You still have a child within your soul. You prefer pink because it distracts you from the pressures of adulthood. You always wish to go back to being a child and living a simple life while playing with your dollhouse. You are a very loyal friend who always shows up at difficult times and would never purposely hurt someone you care about.



Now you know what your favortite color says about you, make sure to send this to everyone you know (and their cat) to see how much they relate to it.