Meat Free January, Veganuary, whatever you want to call it; going meat free for just one month can have profound benefits on your health. Today we’re sharing with you just a few reasons why we’re joining the international movement and giving up animal products for the first month of the year.

December is a month of indulgence for most of us. After endless family feasts, New Year’s gatherings, and comfort food to warm us up during the cold end of the year, many of us feel like we need a ‘detox’ in January to jumpstart a healthier new year. Going meat free is a perfect way of giving your body a break and reducing the load on your digestive system. Animal protein is harder to break down than plant foods and moves through the digestive tract much slower, often causing us to feel sluggish and irritable.

Losing weight is on the top of many people’s New Year’s resolutions and doing Meat Free January can also help you achieve this goal. Fruits, vegetables, and wholegrains are low in calories and high in fiber, helping you feel full without overloading your body with too many calories per day. This promotes weight loss and can help you lose those extra pounds you put on towards the end of the year.

Since January is a month of productivity, a month where we want to achieve so much personally and professionally, having more energy is key to starting and achieving big goals and dreams. A healthy plant based diet improves cortisol levels to help you sleep better, meaning you will have more energy throughout the day. Starting your day with a green juice instead of a coffee and snacking on nuts instead of a chocolate bar throughout the day will give you more sustainable energy, preventing any erratic spikes and slumps in energy you might have felt on your normal diet before.

Not only does going meat free have numerous benefits for the body, but it’s good for the world and environment too. Animal farming increases carbon dioxide production and is a major contributor to global warming. And of course, we are pro anything that is good for the Earth as well as us!

Finally, we would like to point out that it’s not going to benefit you to drop the meat and indulge in chocolate and biscuits instead. You have to be mindful and reasonable about what you eat on a plant based diet. It is not an excuse to overload your body with refined carbohydrates or sugar. Interested in doing it right and reaping the benefits of Meat Free January yourself? Try out our weekly plant based meal plan.