There have been tons of stories circulating about women wearing modest-swimwear being asked to leave beaches and public pools for “safety” and “hygiene” reasons. As a result, a lot of speculations regarding the validity of these statements have been going around.

We’re not here to weigh in on the argument, or share our thoughts about who should wear what and where. We’re merely clarifying some beliefs and misconceptions that have been revolving around the impact different swimwear materials have on water hygiene. Water contamination is usually a result of the people who enter the water and what they are wearing. In order to ensure the best hygiene, it is recommended that those who are planning on swimming should have clean swimwear on, made out of swimwear material and that they shower before entering any pool. This applies to both those wearing modest-swimwear and those who do not.


According to Life Saving Society,

The following are the main points that decide on the safety and hygiene of swimwear;

  • Appropriate swimwear is tight-fitting to allow the body to move freely
  • Made of fabric that does not disintegrate in water
  • Acceptable alternative swimwear could include; footless tights, gymnastics leggings, tight-fitting undershirt, tight-fitting hood… wetsuit
  • Burkinis are acceptable alternative swimwear

Out of the previous four points, modest or hijab swimwear actually qualifies as safe and hygienic. The only real concern is when the swimwear is too lose, so it can pose a threat to a person’s safety. This is due to the fact that loose swimwear could hinder a person’s ability to move freely so it puts their safety at risk.

“Swimwear that covers the whole body could result in a reduced use of sunscreen. This would further reduce the contaminants in outdoor pools and contribute to improved water quality.”
This actually means that wearing a modest-swimsuit is actually causing LESS contamination in pools, contrary to what is being spread. Less body exposure means improved water quality. So, contrary to popular belief modest-swimwear in pools is actually improving hygiene as long as the person wearing it showers before entering the pool ( as is expected with those who are not wearing modest-swimwear).