‘ There is no place like home ‘ L. Frank Baum.

Yes, yes, and yes!

So let’s take a small tour to explore what home feels like to different people with different cultures and backgrounds. Moreover, we will dig deep to know the reason behind that feeling, to understand more about ourselves, and learn about our different beautiful minds no matter.

This article is inspired by you, lovely people.

So the question here, what feels like home to you, and why?

Norhan G.

“My nephew.”

When he was born, I had this feeling, that I could not fully understand back then. I thought it was the feeling of unconditional love to someone you don’t even know. You don’t know how he’s going to look like, how his voice is going to be like, or even whether he is going to love you or not. After he grew up a little bit ( not so much though, he is 3 years old now) I realized that it was not just about this, it was me feeling safe and secured when he’s around. He makes me feel that everything is going to be okay, he makes me forget everything he is around and only remember how beautiful life really is. He owns a part of my heart. I literally do not mind living anywhere as long as he is going to be with me.

Farah K.

“My bed”.

It comforts me whenever I’m feeling down. It holds so many memories, good and bad ones, which play an important role in reminding me on my bad days that I actually passed through a lot worse and I managed to be okay every time. It was with me through so many phases, and a couple of houses as well. The best part is, the design of my bed is inspired by my all time favorite tv show, which is gossip girl. Actually no, it is not just a tv show, it is actually so much more than that, it affected me as a person and it helped me evolve in ways I could never imagine. So I made the same design of Blair Waldorf’s bed, to make me feel powerful and strong whenever I’m feeling lost or weak. Last but not least, it makes me feel like a princess.

Ruwan T.

“My dad”

Honestly, I realized it after I traveled abroad, I wish I knew it earlier. I realized how beautiful it is to have your dad by your side. It is the safest feeling anyone could ever feel from my point of view. With him around, I always felt like a girl. No matter how much I’m growing and evolving, still, he always managed to make me feel like his little girl. In my darkest days, I always feel that I literally want to hide in his arms, knowing that he is going to help me handle any kind of hardship in my life. Also, having him by my side gives me strength, I mean, he empowers me in every possible way. In a nutshell, he is the definition of safety and home to me. May God bless him.

Hassan A.

“My car”

Do you know that feeling when you first step into your car, close the door, and decide what to listen to? That’s my zone, in other words, that’s actually my number one home. I know it may sound weird, but the feeling of freedom that I can actually get away from anything, go wherever I want, without the need for anyone or anything, listen to my mood changer music, makes me feel that I am in total control of whatever. So, yes, i can totally control whatever is going on in my life, or at least, control how I’m feeling towards it with my music. It makes me feel like I’m in my safe zone, yet a very powerful one. My car is what makes me feel like home.

Shahira A.

“My mom.”

“After having a pretty tough day at work, i always find her arms wide open for me. Thing is, i don’t necessarily need to talk about anything, it’s just that feeling that she is literally my safe zone. The feeling of satisfaction, that turns my anger/sadness to feeling blessed, as if she makes my life complete by just seeing her around. She is my safe place. She is the only person that i am sure that her door is always open for me, no matter how i am feeling at the moment, she’s always there for me, without waiting for anything in return. I’m lucky to have her as my home”.

Mohamed E.

“My gym.”

“It makes feel happy, think positively no matter what I’m passing through. It helps me clear my mind, it’s like, my issues become less by every drop of sweat. It totally makes me more focused, which results in me improving myself. It’s just my very own comfort zone, the place where I get to replace all my negative energy with a positive one. It makes me feel that everything is okay as

long as I still go to the gym, wherever I am in life, whatever I am feeling. To me, this is the best home one could ever have.”

Sarah A.

“My dog.”

“No conversation needed, not even a single word to explain anything. She feels me when I’m down, she puts an effort to make me happy and stay around no matter how long it takes for me to get out off my bed. She never leaves my side until I am okay. Guess what too? She protects me somehow when i’m walking down the street, or even when somebody knocks my door. Even though she is really petite and she may not have the power to do so, but she does it with all the power she has. It’s just pure emotions, and that’s enough to make me feel that she’s home to me.”

Omar S.

“My partner”

“She is home, cause even without talking to her, only seeing her makes me happy. It makes me feel comfortable. I forget everything when I am with her, and most importantly, I really really do not need to fake anything when she is around. To me, home is where you get to be yourself, and she does it at its best, she makes me feel that I do not need to do anything or fake anything, she likes to keep it real. She knows how i am feeling by a single look or even my voice. She is my support system. Maybe to me, home is not where I just feel safe, it is where I find myself. Home is what stays through thick and thin, so yeah, she is definitely my home”.