It is hard to steer clear of sugary bites when you’re following a healthy regimen especially during the colder winter months that we are approaching. There are, however, healthier alternatives to curb your sweet tooth without wrecking your health-conscious lifestyle. So, we decided to go on the hunt for the best local sweet yet- healthy snacks and bites:

Clean Bars Guilt-Free Brownies & Cookies
Made with unsweetened cocoa powder and naturally sweetened with honey, Clean Bars’ brownie is definitely a yummy yet healthy choice. We loved how rich and fudgy it is and how it definitely curbed our recurring chocolate craving. Without any flour, sugar and butter, these cookies are incredible. They are quite crumbly, but they taste nonetheless delicious.


Fit Nuts Extra Protein Chocolate Peanut Butter
With no hydrogenated oils or any added sugar, this nut butter is totally clean. The mixture of chocolate with the peanut butter works at satisfying any sugary craving and the added whey protein adds more to the nutritional value of the nut butter.


Earthly Delights Vegan Ice Cream and Truffles
We never thought that we could possibly find vegan desserts that would taste this ridiculously
decadent. Made with no sugar, dairy or preservatives, the chocolate and coffee flavoured ice creams are to die for. Their texture is exactly the same as the texture of non-vegan ice cream and their flavours are intense. The chocolate and ginger truffles, which are like tiny balls of flavour, are easy to pack for an on-the- go sugary snack.


Popstika’s All-Natural Fruity Popsicles
Made from premium organic fruits, these popsicles are the ultimate vitamin-packed refreshing treat.
Popstika offers a wide range of these frozen goodies, but our absolute favourites are the Strawberry-Mint and Orange-Mint detox pops that both had little fruit pieces and left us feeling satisfied!


For Goodness Bake’s Fat-Free Cookies & Raw Brownie Bites
We all love some baked treats every once in a while and FGB’s vegan, fat-free cookies are the best healthy alternative to curb that nagging craving for cookies. The peanut butter cookies (78 calories/cookie) taste unbelievably scrumptious, while the almond butter ones (64 calories/cookie) have a rich, slightly sweet taste. The Raw Fudge Brownie Bites are a chocolate lover’s dream thanks to the external coat of unsweetened cocoa and the gooey centre. FGB’s treats are made without any oil or butter and are egg and dairy free.


Glow’s Choco Loco Smoothie
This smoothie is a powerhouse of nutrients and is an absolute delicacy to sip on. Made from
unsweetened cocoa, avocado, flax seeds, almond milk, honey, chia seeds and bananas, it is a
detoxing smoothie that works as a healthy sweet snack.


Baked‘s Chocolate-Almond Swirl Squares

These chocolate-almond squares are a party for your taste buds! Made from almond flour, almond milk, raw honey and cocoa powder these squares are glutem free, dairy free and sugar free! They hit the sweet tooth quite perfectly, we admit to indulging in more than just one square.