It’s normal to get extra excited about wedding preparations, but it’s important to not totally forget about the most exciting thing ever which is the honeymoon! Trust me, you don’t want to leave your honeymoon bag to the last minute because guaranteed you’ll end up over-packing useless things. Your list will be determined by the destination but there are some essentials you can’t neglect. This is your guide for honeymoon travel must haves, from the smallest detail to your check-on bag wardrobe!

Travel Basics

  • Passports
  • Flight tickets
  • Hotel confirmation
  • ATM card, Visa card: Make sure to contact your bank/s before you travel to be sure your cards will work and if there are withdrawal or purchase limits. Inform them that one of your family members will be in charge of your bank calls in case of emergencies.
  • Leave a copy of all your travel documents and hotel information with your parents
  • Pocket money
  • Cold medicine and pain relievers

Tip: Make sure you email to yourself digital copies of the travel documents in case you forget or lose any of them.

Invest in a good carry-on bag, keeping in mind the lighter the better. If you’re taking a long flight or have several stops then you should try to pack a change or two of clothes, fresh underwear and a swimsuit to give you flexibility to change or if your baggage gets lost/delayed. Wear a travel friendly outfit with comfy slip-on shoes, leggings or denim pants and metal-less tops/jackets. Avoid studded and embellished tops as much as possible to get through security faster. Consider what kind of trip you’re taking and which ring is appropriate for this. If you’re having an adventure trip, opt for the simpler one/band or none at all. Either way, bring its box for safe storage, and always keep your jewelry on you or in your carry-on while flying.

  • Small makeup bag
  • Perfume (the smallest bottle you can find preferably 30ml or less)
  • Hair brush
  • Camera
  • Travel pillow
  • Headphones
  • A good book
  • Light sweater or scarf
  • Cellphone charger

Airport outfitTip: If you wear contact lenses, take a lens case with solution already in it and your seeing glasses on the plane with you.

Checked Bag
Check the weather forecast in order to pack the right pieces. If you’re off to an adventurous honeymoon full of activities make sure you pack a pair of black leggings, sports top and sneakers. When it comes to your honeymoon bag less is more as long as you have your essentials. Try to pack by outfit and remember that some pieces can be worn differently every time.

  • A pair of comfy shoes for walking (you never want to break in a new pair of shoes while traveling!)
  • A pair of evening shoes for romantic dinners and evening outings
  • Cotton socks
  • Lingerie: Aim for airy lingerie pieces, pack a pair of nighties, chemises & a delicate robe that are sexy yet comfy to sleep in (trust me, sometimes the two of you will just want to sleep).
  • Denim shorts/pants depending on weather
  • Evening top
  • Cotton shirts
  • Sundress
  • Beach/pool cover-up
  • 2 types of swimsuits (bikini for the pool, one piece for activities)
  • Little black dress
  • Cross body bag/mini day bag
  • Strapless bra
  • Sexy but comfortable underwear sets
  • Cardigan
  • Lightweight sweater
  • Workout outfit

Bathroom Must Haves
The two of you can combine your shampoo, conditioner and moisturizing products and anything else you can think of into travel size containers if possible to lighten your load. You’re married now, so sharing is never a bad idea when it’s more convenient, but keep these items below just for yourself.

  • Razor
  • Shaving cream
  • Travel size toothbrush, toothpaste
  • Deodorant
  • Makeup remover
  • Nail clippers and small file
  • Tweezers
  • Contact lenses (plus an extra pair), solution and glasses
  • Hair pins and bands
  • Flat iron/mini blow dryer
  • Sanitary products

Here are some perfectly styled examples of items you can look for to fill your check-on bag and keep your honeymoon style on point:

Dinner and dancing
Dinner _ evening outfit

Casual day tripping
casual day outfit
day outfit

Adventure wear 
adventure day outfit
Lounging lingerie
Comfy lingerie

coverup ideas

Pretty panty set
sexy bra n panty set