If you’re reading this right now then you know the struggle with licking your lips only to feel like you licked the cracked surface of the Sahara desert. For real, there are a few things worse than having super dry cracked lips that hurt (or even bleed) when you smile. Thankfully, it’s way easier than you think to prevent ever getting chapped lips, and it doesn’t spending half your salary on some ridiculously expensive lip balm.


1.Don’t Lick Your Lips

You’ve probably heard this one a lot and yet you still keep doing it. It’s okay, you’re not the only one. Licking your lips makes them drier than they were before because saliva evaporates pretty quickly. You sorta have to train yourself not to lick your lips. A great tip is to not wear a flavored lip balm, so it doesn’t tempt you to lick it off.


2.Protect Your Lips out in the Cold

You probably saw this one coming but you know what your lips didn’t see coming? That ice cold weather outside! Protect them by applying a thick lip cream or balm (it won’t hurt if it has SPF, sunburnt lips happen even in the snow people). You could also shield your lips from the cold dry wind by using your cute scarf as a – well- shield. No matter what you do, don’t forget to reapply your moisturizing lip balm when outside.

3. Keep Your Body Hydrated inside Out

I know you probably think I’m going to tell you to just drink your recommended daily water intake and be done with it. Wrong! To keep your body safe from the harsh cold weather, try to invest in a humidifier and place it in your home. This will keep your living space from drying out too much and in turn, will help your body not lose moisture to the dry air. And, of course, drink lots of fluids. If you can’t drink water as much during the winter time, drink it in the form of hot green or herbal teas.

4. Avoid Certain Lipsticks in the Winter

We all love matte lipstick, except when it’s helping our lips dry out even more in the cold harsh weather. Opt for lipstick formulas that don’t have alcohol in them. That’s because alcohol containing formulas usually strip your lips of their natural oils and moisture. Unfortunately, most long-lasting and matt lipsticks have alcohol in them, making them not so dry-lips-friendly. So, make sure if you have to wear them that you apply a thick moisturizing balm on your lips way before you apply your lipstick. And treat your lips to an even thicker lip balm the same night when you go to sleep.


5.Breathe through your Nose

No one likes breathing through their mouth, however, apparently it happens a lot more than we think and that’s why our lips could dry up and get chapped without us realizing why. Unless you’ve got a cold/flu and you can’t breathe through your nose, avoid at all costs breathing through your mouth. The passage of air constantly in and out between your lips will definitely dry them up (imagine airing your laundry to dry out in the air, same concept). Breathing through your nose will ensure you get clean air in your lungs and your lips stay baby smooth. That’s assuming you exfoliate your lips, but that’s a whole other article!


Now you know how to have luscious lips all winter long, no matter how deep the snow outside your house is (thank God for another year of snowless Egypt), share the love and send this to someone who constantly suffers from a bleeding lip when they laugh at your jokes.