Deciding that being a health coach is your calling in life is one thing but trying to find which specific field of health coaching you want to be is a whole other ball game. We have Malak Hamouda a Holistic Health coach here to answer the questions probably buzzing around your mind right now. Let’s put an end to the confusion and get a handle on what we want in life!


What are the different types of Health Coaches? And what is the difference between them?

There are types of Health Coaches: – Health Coach, Holistic Health Coach, Wellness Health Coach & Primal/Paleo Health Coach.

  1. Health Coach– works with clients to achieve health goals through sustainable lifestyle changes. A health coach arms his/her clients with the tools they need to make sustainable lifestyle changes.
  1. Holistic Health Coach– takes into account both mind and body to bring about sustainable health change in their clients. At the heart of Holistic Health is the belief that our mind and body are not separate i.e. how we feel, in terms of our stress level and anxiety can influence our overall health.
  1. Wellness Health Coach– works with clients to achieve a balanced lifestyle, and isn’t necessarily goal-orientated. A wellness Health Coach works with clients to achieve balance in all aspects of their lives including physical, social, spiritual, emotional and occupational well-being.
  1. Primal/Paleo Health Coach – uses ancestral health concepts to help clients achieve their health goals.


Do I have to study all of them to find out which one is the best fit for me? Or how exactly do I choose which fits me better?

I wouldn’t necessarily say you have to, but you must do is consider your qualifications, where your passion lies. I’d recommend you focus on what type of client you would like to work with. There are very subtle changes in the different types of Health Coaches, it’s up to you to decide which title fits you and your Health Coaching Career.

Do I have to stick to being only one type of health coach or can I mix? Or even switch after a few years?

Well, that’s up to you! The beautiful thing about the field of Health Coaching is that it’s an ongoing learning experience so it’s really up to you regarding the time you put in, your passion and what inspires you.

How did you decide to be a Holistic Health Coach?

I was seeking a degree that incorporates all the above. In becoming a Holistic Health Coach you get exposed to so many rich materials on a wide range of topic; from nutrition theories to personal development. All of that gives you a pretty good base to start with. Good enough, in fact, to start your business on the ground running. I figured by acquiring a strong base, later it would be easier for me to delve deeper in whichever method or specialization I desired.



Health coaching is an evolving profession that is expanding rapidly. Spend some time researching the field of health coaching. Search for Health Coaches online or approach a coach you know personally. If you can find someone who specializes in the same area you hope to specialize in – even better!