We thought there isn’t a better time to show men the natural ways they can maintain a healthy growing beard than in “No Shave November”. So many men are growing their beards all month long to save the money used for usual trimmings and shaving and donating it to cancer hospitals. This movement aimed at raising awareness about different types of cancer in men, (especially prostate) is one we back up wholeheartedly. Because we can’t grow beards ourselves (being an all-woman team), we thought to help men have healthy habits when it comes to growing their beards.


3 ways to maintain a healthy beard

1.  Take the time to wash your beard

For some reason, people tend to forget that beards are first and for most Hair. This means you need to wash your beard hair with a sulfate-free shampoo 2-3 times a week. This is more important than you think because between eating, sweating and going to the toilet your beard can actually acquire particles of all the previously mentioned. Yes, your beard can have fecal matter (poop) in it and you don’t know.


2. All hair needs to be conditioned, that includes your beard

Just because your beard adds to your “rugged manly vibe”, there is no reason that it shouldn’t be soft and shiny. A healthy looking beard can do wonders to your overall look, making you effortlessly polished. You can use a natural beard oil to moisturize the skin beneath your beard as well as your beard hair. The skin underneath your beard dictates how healthy your beard will grow.

How to use it:

  1. Massage a coin size of the oil at the point where your skin touches your beard.
  2. Then work the remaining oil into the rest of the hair to spread it evenly all over the beard.
  3. Use the oil 2-3 times a week if you live somewhere more humid, and use it once a day if you’re in a dry country.


3. Use the right tools for trimming

While trimming is an integral part of healthy beard keeping, not using the right tools can actually help make your beard look and feel worse. Trim your beard every few weeks, while you should aim to trim your neckline every 2 weeks.
Trimming your beard: Make sure to use a sharp pair of scissors (that you reserve only for your beard shaping needs) and follow the natural contour of your face. Trim away any split ends, or uneven patches. Use a fine comb (again use it only on your beard) to brush your beard while you trim, to ensure an even looking beard. Don’t use trimmers at this point as they will cause split ends more often than scissors.
Trimming your neckline: Unlike trimming your beard, you should definitely use trimmers here. Take 2 fingers and put them on your Adam’s apple. Where your top finger is at is where you should trim your beard to. Make sure to NOT follow your natural jawline so don’t end up with a weak neckline and a wonky beard.

3 Ways to grow a healthy beard


1. Cleanse and exfoliate your skin

Like we mentioned before, having a healthy beard comes from having healthy skin. To ensure your beard will grow evenly, you need to stimulate hair growth and remove dead cells by exfoliating your skin once a week. That being said you should wash your face with water and a mild cleanser day and night. Clean skin helps fasten hair growth.


2. Use essential oils to promote hair growth

Essential oils the help promote blood circulation can really help your beard grow faster. Try adding a few drops of E.O like Eucalyptus, or Rosemary.


3. Shaving your beard every day does NOT make it grow faster

It really is a myth that your beard will grow faster if you keep shaving it every day. There is no scientific research to back that up. You should groom your beard once every 2 months when it’s fully grown.


With proper trimming and reshaping, your beard will always be in tip-top shape. Share this with a bearded friend, and get them excited for the next No Shave November.

Disclaimer: Although women can participate as well in No Shave November, we just didn’t highlight this in our article hence it is dedicated to men for #internationalmensday.