The African and Egyptian record holder female swimmer is our very own 24-year-old Farida Osman. She’s an astonishing swimmer who specializes in freestyle and butterfly events that’s an All-African medalist and National record-holder. She is a trophy of her own to the Egyptian and African people, someone that we want to stand behind all the way.

That’s why we were so proud to find out that one of the leading Egyptian Development companies are sponsoring Farida Osman to help her reach Tokyo 2020. We’re talking about Hyde Park and their new Ad that’s part of their exclusive sponsorship/partnership with Farida Osman to help her achieve more tournaments and awards.



They’re not just supporting her financially, but also wholeheartedly in her journey to the championship to solidify Farida as the youth and athlete inspiration that she is. They chose to back up this gem of an Egyptian athlete because they share Farida’s values and beliefs when it comes to success, hard work, excellence, and determination.

That’s why the message of their new Ad is “We don’t believe in coincidences, we believe in hard work.” Hyde Park along with Farida want to help inspire young athletes to follow in her footsteps. Their aim is to help her on her journey to Tokyo 2020, and show everyone how companies can do a lot to show their support of our National sports and its athletes.

Companies can follow in Hyde Parks’ steps and support, sponsor, motivate and even encourage athletes to aid them in achieving their fullest potential in their careers. What people don’t realize is that athletes can sometimes need more than our moral support. They need resources that can help take them to the next level. That’s because it’s the little details and even the smallest things that can have the biggest most impactful effect on an athletes’ career. We’re extremely proud that Hyde Park is doing so for our Farida.

Hyde Park launched last year a logo and brand for Farida Osman as part of their support for her champion journey to Tokyo 2020. The way Hyde Park is standing beside Farida is not only giving her much-needed resources but also, the confidence that there are people out there that believe in her and care deeply about her achievements. Knowing that she has their constant support and attention will give her all the motivation and drive she needs to achieve great things.