If you’re anything like the rest of us, you probably have something close to 100 Pinterest boards; everything from meal prep to fashion inspiration to DIY everything. Chances are these boards keep compiling and you truly believe that one day you’ll open up your workouts board and start squatting to  “Who Run The World”. We really hope you do, because after seeing what using a Pinterest board in real-life looks like we are impressed!

When decorating her home, our Managing Editor, Fayrouz Eid turned to Instagram for some home-inspiration. But unlike most people, she actually took it pretty seriously and the results are spectacular!

With the guidance of her friends who are also some of the most talented Interior Designers in the city, Hana Hegazy from Eklego Design and Yasmina Khalil from Yasmina Khalil Interiors, Fayrouz created her Pinterest-worthy home. When asked about how they helped her, Fayrouz said “ I showed them so many pictures so that they could help me land on which style I wanted. They guided me to find out what I like and which kind of mood I was looking for design-wise. At the end we came to the conclusion that I was looking for a style called Vintage Modern.” Given this new piece of information, Fayrouz started searching on Pinterest and the options were endless. She saved pictures of dining rooms, living areas and home styling she’d like and send them over to her friends who’d guide her as to what accessories and colors best go together.


Fayrouz’s saved Pinterest inspiration photos:



Dining Table

Collages from H&M and Ikea

Chairs from Hanimex

Dining Table from Local Carpenter (Guided by Instagram image)

Living Room Carpet

Rug from an ad on Facebook (Pure Coincidence!)


Living Room

Fabric  from Naseej Fabrics

Cushions from H&M Home

For the shelf and lighting, Hana Hegazy stepped up the DIY game! Using, LEDBerg lights from Ikea, she installed them herself to give some subtle lighting to the living room shelf. Hana also styled the shelf itself by placing frames, plants and other accessories to create the homey and modern-vintage feel.



Custom made chandelier from Nadine Fahmy

Custom made chandelier from Nadine Fahmy


Coffee Table

Coffee Table from Tanagra 


For The plants, Fayrouz went to local plant houses and IKEA to find just the right plants to complement her home.

Local Plant House

Plants at IKEA


A big part of bringing this picture-worthy home together was getting creative and doing a lot of DIY!

Tea Towel From H&M accessories framed!