It’s very interesting how seemingly superficial acts and attire details can have a huge impact on our psyche resulting in different ways of interacting with people around us.

A few years back I was going through major life changes; I have to admit I was probably a lot more than depressed for a long period – till I decided to continue living while bearing the state I was in within me.

One evening I met with 2 dear friends at a coffee shop, we were discussing some solutions to what was going through when one of them out of nowhere handed me a mirror and a lip liner saying: Chiama, put this on! Now…

Believe it or not, wearing lipstick can go far beyond being just an “attire complementing act” or makeup.

After doing some research, I discovered that it has actually been scientifically proven that wearing lipstick has major psychological benefits. 

Yes, it is so strange! 

Wearing lipstick lifts our spirits and unleashes our femininity in a positive way which is highly contagious and can be easily felt by people around us.

Throughout history, women have been spending more on lipstick during times of economic crisis. Women who wore lipstick felt more empowered, confident and in control; not only that but were also perceived as so.

Through the same research, I also discovered that different lipstick colors and hues can evoke different psychological effects to the wearer and whoever is around them.


Here’s a list of the most used lipstick colors and their meanings

Rose Pink Lipstick

Pink lipstick, in general, gives off the air of being classical and feminine.

Wearing rose pink lipstick indicates the wearer is warm-hearted, gentle, kind and intuitive, all while being reserved.

Coral Red and Salmon Lipstick 

Being versatile these colors indicate that whoever is wearing them must be one with rare personality traits.

No matter what outfits we pair these colors with, they always manage to add a touch of elegance to the overall final look.

Burgundy Lipstick 

Burgundy Lipstick = Exotic

Wearing this color of lipstick shows one is compassionate but stubborn.

Burgundy lipstick gives off a sense of earthiness and is very alluring.

Nude/Clear Lipstick

Using nude or clear shining lip-gloss also hold messages about our personalities.

Nude means the wearer’s personality is more inclined towards the natural, neutral and easily adaptable. While the clear gives off vibes of being a very polished and quite self-aware person.

Classic Red Lipstick

Red lipstick is said to have and “undeniable power”.

It is an all-time classic that is never out of trend as it equally embodies strength and womanliness at once.

Even when feeling most tired and unsure, wearing red lipstick implies boldness and confidence.