It is international men’s day, and I’m taking this as an opportunity to express a little bit of how I feel about men (or the masculine) in general.

Yes, we live in a time where women are rising and all the movements supporting matriarchal ideologies are reinforced by the majority.

However, I would like to see the whole concept of duality (in this case manifesting as women and men) from a broader perspective; where each gender is basically containing within them both aspects the masculine and feminine.


A woman can be masculine, just as a man can be feminine.

A woman is capable of leading a business successfully and bearing immense amounts of pain just as a man is.

This means that deep inside men are also emotional, hormonal and kind of artistic. In their own way.

The way I personally see it is that when someone (regardless of gender) finds themselves comfortable with someone else (regardless of gender) holding space for them, they feel secure and thus comfortable with their true nature.

Stereotypically speaking, women are viewed as oppressed by men (somewhat “victims” of the nature of men being “physically stronger” or “bolder”).

To me this ideology might be controversial as women are naturally designed to bear men; thus, I believe this stereotype comes as a result of women being generally more expressive and open.

On the other hand, the idea that many men on earth might be suffering from injustice imposed onto them by women exists; however, not hearing about it as much just comes as a result of men being generally more passive or closed.

This doesn’t necessarily mean that all women have to be expressive and open, and all men have to be passive and closed; this is just how the masculine energy differs from the feminine one.

Thus, men can be expressive and women can be passive. It just depends on the aspects each one is facing and the conditioning each individual is put under.


The feminine is by nature more containing and nurturing, while the masculine is generally youthful and providing.

Both men and women are constantly working towards satisfying both the feminine and the masculine within themselves the best way they can, also regardless of their own gender.

Both are in fact mirrors to each other, allowing one another to see themselves in the other.


Share this article to share this perspective with your friends and family. And remember to wish the men around you a blissful Men’s Day. 🙂