A few months after I gave birth to my first baby, I realized that he merely got to use half of the clothes we bought him and the ones we received as gifts all put together.

Most of the items remained with their price tags on!

Later on, I have come to learn that this is usually the case, especially with the first-born baby. The whole family gets excited, and everyone becomes eager to express their happiness and congratulates by buying lots of gifts (mostly in the form of clothes) – without really putting into consideration the baby’s weight, gender, practicality, and babies changing sizes.

On another hand, there were 5 or more pairs of maternity pants which I will never put on again, as they no longer fit once I delivered my baby – and the same goes with almost the rest of maternity clothes I’ve had.

I was left with a seemingly endless amount of unnecessary clothing items that were either new with tags or barely used maternity and baby clothing items.

I thought about donating some of the clothes for charity – even though I was sure some of them wouldn’t be suitable for it.

Such as a pair of newborn shoes I purchased before figuring out newborns are never to wear shoes; or a pair of evening pants, or a cocktail dress (To be used to a Henna Party), or some high-end fashion brands clothes which a charity organization wouldn’t value and other people could definitely make better use of.

One day I thought I could very much sell them online; however.’ I wanted to spare the effort and time it would take to take good quality pictures of each item, look their prices up online and do the math to find out how much to sell an item for, the posting on different social media platforms and keeping up with each one of them on time once I start receiving orders through phone calls or chat requests.

I wanted to be able to sell the items without having to talk to strangers about price negotiations or items features; at the same time, I wanted the customer to have a clear idea of the quality of product and service he/she is dealing with.

At this point, it was more than clear to me that I needed to take this idea as a serious business startup.

I thought that since I definitely am not the only woman facing the issue of extra unused or almost new wardrobe items in Egypt, there must be a well-structured platform facilitating both the selling and buying processes of pre-owned clothes in Egypt – this is when I started making my research.

The research led me to discover this service is commonly available and successful abroad in many different countries.

This was exciting news!! Putting the idea of sustainability along with making use of the items I had no longer needed.

I was so enthusiastic about the idea and I immediately started working on it. With the help of some friends and work colleagues, I was able to build my website, created the operational processes and was also able to make deals with partners to kick start the project.

Long story short, our website (thesecondfit.com) is now up and running, with 600+ pre-owned items for women and kids – and the number is growing weekly.

The Second Fit is not only focused on buying/selling, but it is also boosting the idea of using second hand as a way imply the sustainability culture in Egypt, by spreading awareness about the need to reduce our waste, and making more conscious shopping decisions, not only to save money but also to help our planet.

Here Is How The Second Fit Is a Hassle-Free Service Where We Can Sell:

  • Clothes
  • Shoes
  • Bags
  • Accessories

The Subscription Process Is Easy:

  • Go on (thesecondfit.com)
  • Fill out the form with Items to sell
  • A courier will pass by to pick items up
  • TSF will inspect items and accept only the ones in the best condition
  • TSF sets a price and confirms with you
  • Once the price is set items goes online for customers to buy it

What Does the Buyer Get out of Shopping at The Second Fit

The Second Fit offers buyers a variety of clothing items with:

  • Jaw-dropping prices
  • Guaranteed quality
  • Premium service
  • A user-friendly platform that enables them to filter displayed products according to size, price, brand, and condition.