This is my first published article for The Daily Crisp,

Thus, I will share with you how I personally found the daily office-life experience to be.

However, before we start, I would like to share what I honestly thought (for the past 5 years or more) about working 8 hours a day every day.

The idea of being “trapped in a box” for one-third of a day, 5 days a week was worse than death for me. I had already worked in different jobs adhering to the same schedule in my early 20s’, which at that time was more than adequate for me.

Excessive daily stress, in general, has caused my health to weaken throughout the years, therefore, I stopped working.

After a few years, I started noticing the negative effects not having a daily job had on me. I then started looking for a job that would allow me to work from home or have flexible hours as I needed more time for self-care.

I have applied for work at TDC as it is a platform introducing alternative health and wellness solutions to its audience, and bringing awareness to those who have not yet explored the available, modern ways of dealing with self-care and wellness in general.

Since the first time I set foot into the TDC Office, I could tell it was a homey and cozy place from the smell of the incandescent candles that were on.

On that day, I had a really pleasant, close to a personal conversation with Fayrouz the CEO of TDC about life in general, in which she expressed to me how important the comfort of her employees is for her. This is why she is keen to make sure each and everyone who works here is on the same level of understanding on a basic humanitarian level. This accordance leads to having a harmonious relationship between one another as a team, thus, producing efficiently and devotedly.

The first day I actually came to work, the TDC Office was just moved to a new locale. We were all sitting on a meeting table in the meeting room and what was most surprising for me is the plate of cucumbers and hummus in the middle of the table for all of us to snack on whenever needed.

The second surprising thing was the fact that everyone takes advice from each other on how to execute content, independently from each one’s actual position or job description. This is a fact that most of my colleagues find exciting and encouraging in committing to working at the TDC Office.

I then started being more curious about what each one of the employees who have been working here for longer periods thought about the working environment at The Daily Crisp Headquarters.

Here are some of the replies I got:

Hanaa – Brand Manager – Full Time

When I first came to work here, I was sure it was going to be just another short stay visit; until I actually got to spend time here. The more I worked here the more I was inspired to create for myself, improve and grow individually reaching my ultimate potential.

Today, I can say I find myself very passionate about working here. Most importantly, I feel respected as a human being which pushes me to give more.


Yasmine – Social Media Manager – Full Time

To me, The Daily Crisp office became an open learning environment.

Fayrouz (CEO) gives us space to practice our main responsibilities, along with plenty of space in self-discovery and implementation of what we discover we like doing.

The work environment is cozy, homey and vigorously pushing each and every one of us to pertain a suitable healthy lifestyle in the way they see best fits them.


Vanna – Account Manager / Executive Producer – Full Time

The best part about working here is that it doesn’t restrict me to a specific role; therefore, I can do what I already do best, learn more about the hidden talents within and apply them. There is never any judgment from co-workers (we’re basically friends!)

I love being here because I don’t need to put extra effort into maintaining my mental and physical health and everything is easily accessible in the office.

The environment triggers my creative side in every way possible, which for me comes as a result of a healthy bond between each and every one of us workers to each other.

This bond comes as a result of regularly attending and first-hand trying of any physical activity before posting about it on our web site.


Seif – Editor – Full Time

The people are friendly and the environment is positive and the roles are flexible.

I believe it is mainly a result of the CEO’s selectivity of the people. She only lets in whomever she believes is truly passionate and positive.

Since I started being more present in this office, it has helped me maintain a healthy diet – there’s always plenty of healthy snacks and teas available.


Heba – Graphic Designer – Part-Time

The people are nice which makes the mere idea of coming to work an exciting experience.

It’s giving me a different perspective about life and work-life through a righteous work ethic.

It’s also exposing me to tons of health and wellness tips and teaching me new ideas about nutrition.


Nour – Videographer / Video Editor – Full Time


I first came here because it was a good opportunity to work close to where I live in order to avoid Cairo rush hours.

By spending more time here and getting acquainted with the environment, I started realizing there’s a lot more to it than the short distance. One of the very first different things I’ve noticed is the friendliness and originality of the coworkers.

The vibes here at the TDC Office are always uplifting.

It is a vast learning environment, which always makes me feel like I’m simultaneously growing with the start-up as an organic part of a whole bigger structure. I believe this comes as a result of the fact that there’s a good bond between workers.

My approach to nutrition and well-being has significantly shifted since I started working here.


Fatema – Video Editor – Full Time

The environment is great.

The content we create is very original and you don’t find an environment that harbors growth and wellbeing easily around Cairo.

The office is calming.

To me, it’s basically a great segue between feeling suffocated by a 9 to 5 job into the “work forest”.


The Daily Crisp Team


Most of my colleagues here at the daily crisp office mention the environment and the entourage to be uplifting and enhancing to growth as well as supporting the pertaining to a healthy lifestyle.

We are mostly millennials here at the office, and none of us is even considering to start looking for something different to do or complaining about dissatisfaction from work.

I hope The Daily Crisp Office paves the way to more working places like it in Egypt and around the world.

Keep in tune for more future articles on wellness at work, and share this article with your friends who you think will be more encouraged to expand awareness about the culture of wellbeing at work.