This is the first of a series that will inspire you all homeowners to have your house designed just like you always dreamt it would be. If you’ve ever had a Pinterest board (or 5) designed just for the house of your dreams but never acted on it because you thought it couldn’t be done, then we’re here to prove you wrong.

People like Sara El Sherbiny have made their home look like it came straight from a Pinterest board because quite literally, it did.

Here were Sara’s selections of home inspiration she gathered from Pinterest



Living Room Table

Custom made by a local carpenter, guided by the picture and told if certain measurements needed changing.








Side Sofa Table

Also, custom-made by local trusted carpenter guided by the picture.







Hanging Wooden Shelves

Ordered online from Mash, for house design and delivered to her home.






China Plate Wall Display

Custom-made by Mohamed Samir El Gindy, shown the pictures and asked for something similar.







Hanging Plants Macrame

Custom-made by local online shop Mama Bear, guided by photo and asked to make with a darker color.








DIY Welcome Mat

Bought the mat itself from IKEA and did the rest DIY.

You’ll need:

  • Black Spray
  • Gloves
  • Scissors (or Utility Knife)Scotch tape



Instructions: Just print out the words you want to spray paint on the mat and cut out the insides of the letter, so you’re left with a stencil. Just tape the stencil on the mat and spray paint it the color you want ( don’t forget to wear gloves because spray paint is annoying to wash out)


If you’re inspired by this girl’s Pinterest endeavors, check out what The Daily Crisp Managing Editor Fayrouz Eid, did with her home and how she turned her Pinterest house dreams into reality!