In the midst of all the hardships 2020 has introduced, A group of 8 university students took a step back and spoke up against one of their communities’ worst habits, Sugar Consumption. In a witty way took a stand in an awareness bringing form, creating a campaign/graduation project about the unspoken hazards Excessive Sugar Consumption brings along. 

Sugar Consumption is a topic getting close to very minimal light shed upon it, yet it still remains one of the most serious health issues Egyptians encounter while striving for overall well being. 

السُكَّر برّه و بعيد” is a page which sharing facts based on studies and statistics about sugar and its consumption in general.

These MIU’S faculty of mass communication students based the choice of this topic primarily on the fact that Egyptians have long suffered from their extremely bad eating habits, as they have yet to notice almost all of the chronic diseases such as type-2 diabetes, fatty liver, high blood pressure, various heart conditions, as well as many skin and hair related issues are all directly interrelated to consumption of unbalanced and unhealthy diets, where sugar consumption resides on top of the list.

The campaign’s activity on the online platforms offers insightful and informative content in such a lighthearted, not-your-typical-medical way. Which -in the groups opinion- is the secret ingredient of delivering any messages. The attitude and the way they present their informative content is very simplified, ensuring their target audience grasps the fundamental setbacks arising due to excessive sugar consumption.

“السُكَّر برّه و بعيد” is up and running on Facebook and Instagram, if you find interest in knowing more about how to switch to leading an authentically sugar free lifestyle, or know someone who might benefit from knowing more on the topic follow this account.