If you’ve been looking for a new place to call home then you’re in luck because this new compound from Egyptian Developers is going to be the best thing that happened to 5th Settlement since, well, the 5th Settlement! Egyptian Developers is a development company established by three market leaders of the real estate industry, Eng Salah El Mahdy, Mr. Marwan Gaber and Eng Ahmed Abdel Latif.

What sets this particular development company apart from the others is their holistic approach to building new communities with their harmonious way of marrying architecture and landscape in all of their residential communities. Their newest compound is EVORA, and it’s one you can’t miss out on.



We can all agree that’s only getting more crowded in Cairo, with the streets getting more and more congested with cars every day. This means if you want to live somewhere that’s somewhat peaceful you’ll need to go live on the outskirts of the city which isn’t always the most convenient since you’re far away from the endless amenities the city provides. That is why Evora truly combines the best of both worlds. It’s located only 5 mins away from Road 90 and Egypt’s New Capital. This strategic placement makes it near New Cairo enough for it to be convenient but secluded enough to provide privacy to its residents. This makes Evora one of the most sought out addresses in Cairo.


Evora is built on 34 acres with only 18% of it built on, leaving the rest to be filled with wide green spaces, vibrant landscapes, and intricate water features. Designed on the foundations of the Meditterarian architecture concept that incorporates Spanish, French and Arabian cultures to create an atmosphere that overwhelms you with calm and simplicity. The design of the compound drew its inspiration from sun-drenched dwellings and lush floral gardens. This means that no matter where you are in the compound you’ll be surrounded with soul enriching nature that just fills your heart with joy.



Evora has a bountiful of amenities to keep its residences needing very little outside the compound, with its clubhouse and commercial strip and health care center. The Clubhouse has a wide array of activities that fits all ages, you can do anything there from sports to relaxation. With its eye-catching water feature and lake that you can jog around or even relax by there is something for every member of the family to do.

The commercial strip in the compound has everything a shopaholic needs, so no need to take your shopping elsewhere. You’ll also have no need to worry about finding a health care center nearby that you can go to without getting stuck in traffic (we’ve all been there) thanks to state of the art fully equipped healthcare services found in Evors. It has everything from cafes, restaurants, banks, supermarkets, pharmacies to hairdressers and even entertainment centers.

Not to mention that the entire compound has 24/7 security with surveillance cameras that keep you feeling safe no matter the time of day. So you know that your kids can run and play around near your home at any given time without fearing for their safety. Just make sure they know to look twice before crossing the street!


Evora is a compound that will get you feeling cozy and at ease all day every day. With its wide green landscape that stretches for miles ahead, you’ll feel transported to an oasis of serene beautiful gardens that help your mind be at ease and help your soul shine its brightest.