On Saturday the 6th of April, AIA held their very first exhibition on education ” The Way We Learn”. They invited families to come with their kids to go on the journey of the history of education and how it evolved over time, learning how AIA sees the future of education and how it’s implementing it.


What is AIA?

It’s a school located in Alexandria that offers its learners a cross-cultural community of parents, students, and staff. It adopts the inquiry-driven philosophy of The International Baccalaureate (IB) system. It was founded by people who noticed the lack of high-quality international education in Alexandria.


The vision AIA has is to create a community of lifelong learners. They do so through their values and principles in order to develop internationally minded individuals who are ready for the 22nd century. AIA also focuses on helping their learners become socially responsible individuals who are open to exploring ideas and concepts on a global platform. They aim to develop global learners who respect and are proud of their own principles and heritage.

What Was the Purpose Behind “The Way We Learn” Event?

It’s an exhibit about education to help people understand that we all learn in different ways and we all need to embrace these differences instead of trying to conform to a standardized way of learning. That’s because these differences are what will help us thrive in our learning environment when we nurture them.


The guests who attend the exhibit were taken on a journey through the history of education and all the ways it evolved throughout the years. They then got to see where Egypt stands in comparison to global trends in education, including an explanation of what the IB educational system is all about and what AIA’s vision is for the future of its learners.


The visitor’s journey then took them to the universe of the brain and how it affects our learning process. The exhibit also highlighted how AIA uses brain-based learning approach. The exhibit catered to all the attendees and that included the kids involved as well. The children had several activities to enjoy that involved brain games they can solve and exciting science experiments to engage with. This kept the children busy having fun and learning at the same time as their parents looked around and read more about the interesting ways of learning at AIA.


What Makes AIA Stand out from All The Other Schools?

Out of all the amazing facilities and educational programs they have, what really makes AIA stand out is their community. They have a community of students, parents, and staff that really understand what education is about and know exactly what they want for their future.

They have a very strong staff that works collaboratively and is highly motivated to become facilitators to their learners. AIA unique philosophy of interrelated learning curriculums helps create a challenging multicultural environment for its students. With the help of educators from across the world and international education programs, they’re able to help their students truly become lifelong learners.


AIA is about to relocate from the center of Alexandria to a purpose-built campus on its outskirts. The journey to becoming the best IB World School in the whole of North Africa is well underway. You can find more about this unique fascinating establishment here.