If you are someone that is constantly hungry during the winter months, then this article is for you. Do you have a pair of ‘security jeans’ that are a size bigger than your usual for the cold season? We get that oversized jumpers are very forgiving and can hide away any body insecurities you might have, but today we are sharing some tried-and-tested tips to help you avoid even gaining those infamous winter pounds in the first place.

Watch Out for Hot Drinks
We get that you need something to keep your fingertips and body warm on those cold winter nights, but depending on what hot drink you choose for this mission you could be chugging down unnecessary sugar and fat. A standard hot chocolate with whipped cream for example will serve your body 440 calories, 20g fat, and 43g of sugar. For this reason, always ask for no cream, skimmed milk, and no added sugar syrup where possible. Normal tea, fruit teas, and plain coffee are also great and much lighter warming drinks.

Have Some Back Up Snacks on Hand
Stocking up on a back up snack to keep in your office, car, and home will ensure clean options whenever you feel snackish (which happens a lot as the weather gets cooler). Fresh fruit, raw nuts, dark chocolate, and energy bars are items you should always have on hand.

Be Party-Wise
The frequency of family gatherings and parties with your friends increases during the winter holidays and months and being party wise by choosing what to indulge in, instead of blindly eating what is available, will save you a ton of calories. Fill your plate with only your favorite picks from the options available and eat slowly so that your body has time to send you signals when it is full.

Soup It Up
Colder temperatures tend to leave us with a heightened appetite. In summer we usually gravitate towards salads as a cooler nutritiously packed option, but suddenly a chill strikes and all we want to do is eat everything in sight. Soups can help satisfy your increased appetite, without carrying the burden of unnecessary calories and kilos. It’s important to keep soups as plant based as possible-like salads-by avoiding creams and heavy oils, if you’re planning to make them a winter diet staple. You can even use blended greens in your soup base, in addition to other vegetable ingredients. Your best bet is to load up the flavor using just a few compatible veggies for each different batch/recipe.

Get Moving
Sticking to your exercise routine, or merely getting out of bed, can become much more difficult when its cold outside and perfectly toasty in between your bed sheets. But, finding an exercise routine that you love, and more importantly one that fits in with your schedule, will give you more energy as well as keep your weight in check. You can start off with at home workouts or by hiring an at home personal trainer, and work your way up. It is chilly, hard work-but oh so worth it!

Get Rid of Security Clothes
Keep a tab on how your clothes are fitting throughout the months, and once your jeans start feeling too tight then this is a sign you need to up your health and fitness game! Don’t fall into the trap of buying or keeping clothes that are a size bigger than your usual. It’s better not to give yourself the option. This might seem like a simple step, but it can really help you monitor how your body is changing and motivate you to do something about it.