I am always wondering how many people my age are achieving that “something” at a very young age or that they are even “halfway” there. I envy them that they have already discovered their road and unraveled their passion. Again, I envy them. Why does it seem like I am the only one who can’t discover the road, my road, find what I love, what I could really forget the world while doing?  I keep on trying to dig more but I always end up feeling like I am so far away from finding that “something” that I can call mine.

I know how you’re feeling, you keep watching your school mates and university colleagues that you have shared the very same journey with, same effort if not even more. You see your friends traveling to resume their studies. You find that family member doing a buzz with their TV interview about the work they are doing and making all the family proud! A real conflict that you don’t even know whether to keep going and trust the unseen, believe the endless “motivation quotes” you have been saving on Facebook and Pinterest to keep you going or just stop because it’s not happening?

But there comes a time when you realize that it’s a journey, not a destination. You have got to trust YOUR timing. That others’ journey will not ever be the same as yours because everyone has got his own timing. If it’s not happening now, that doesn’t mean that it’s not happening at all.

Comparing yourself to others is unfair. You have to trust your own process, your own steps that you take on a daily basis, and God’s plan. Want to know the starting point?
Look within yourself
Believe that those baby steps are going to one day add up and take you where you belong
Do what’s comfortable for you.
Build a healthy relationship with yourself first, that’s the one and only healthy bridge between you and the whole universe.
You have to build it strong and fierce.
Take good care of the messages you keep whispering to yourself.
Be aware of your inner voice.
If you can’t say it to a friend, don’t say it to yourself.
And Always take care of yourself mentally, physically and spiritually.

Witness the energy of the universe and know that the universe works in its own timing, so slow down. Watch nature at work and you’ll understand what I am talking about. There’s no finish line in life. You don’t have to do an instant victory. Your everyday effort will form a tailored, perfect victory for you.

You will remember these days and you will be so proud of yourself and proud of what you have been through because this is what will bring out the best version of you.  Trust your process and appreciate what you are doing.
You are there already!