Keeping up with a healthy lifestyle isn’t a breeze for a lot of people, especially when those sneaky cravings kick in. Some days you eat clean all morning and then somewhere midday the cravings sneak up on you and you are no longer in control of your body. Most women will understand the struggle, around that time of the month and nothing can get in the way of you and your chocolates. We do advocate listening to your body every once in a while, but when your body demands chocolate 7 days a week – you need to learn to tame the cravings.

Before going for what you’re craving the best thing to do is to always always take a deep breathe and think for a minute. “Do I NEED to eat this now, or can I substitute my craving?” Vani Hari of The Food Babe Way suggests some alternatives for you to help your taste buds get used to healthy sweet options. When you satisfy your sweet and salty craving with healthy alternatives your taste buds will crave the not-so-healthy ones less and less.