Let’s be honest, during any gathering it’s hard for anyone to not give in to nostalgic cravings and indulge in scrumptious fried finger foods. Holidays are all about celebrations, and what is a celebration without our favorite foods? But if you are one of those people who find themselves celebrating 4-5 times a month; wedding season (wedding cake), friends’ birthdays (more cake), friends’ kids birthdays (cupcakes), and of course family gatherings (lots and lots of cake), then you might need to master your way of celebrating the company of the people around you without having to give up on your health and waistline.

We’ve put together a truly simple guide for you to follow that will make a big difference. Here is what you need to do, whatever the occasion may be:

  1.  Eat a meal before you go: We know that not having to cook on a regular day makes you happy, but having a salad with lots of veggies and your choice of protein, a smoothie with yogurt and fruits right before you leave your house will help you arrive at the party feeling full and only interested in one or two things from the buffet.
  2. Don’t Eat What You Normally Wouldn’t Eat: meaning that on a regular day, you probably wouldn’t have chicken, meat, wara2 3enab, spring rolls, rice, and some pasta all in the same meal. Fill your plate as if you are having a normal meal (one choice of protein, one carb, salad, and an appetizer)
  3. Don’t sample everything from the dessert table: Make peace with the fact that you still have the rest of your life to try every single dessert on the table, it doesn’t have to happen in one gathering. If you are really craving something sweet, then only have one type of dessert. And if you had to choose between the ice cream cake or the lemon sorbet, go with the sorbet (small changes add up).
  4. Move away from the buffet table: If you are at one of those big gatherings where not everyone fits on the same table, make a plate and keep moving. Sit with someone to socialize and have a deep conversation about life instead of sitting at the table and having a one hour conversation about how juicy the shish tawook is compared to the piccata with the amazing brown sauce. You will over eat and you won’t even know it until you get up.
  5. Have some caffeine: Having a cup of a caffeinated drink can help suppress your appetite for an hour or two. The secret is in the caffeine and the antioxidants. Just make sure not to make it worse with too much sugar.