It’s that time of year again when our usual 3 meals a day are reduced to two essential ones, breaking our fast (Iftar) and Suhoor. We’re usually used to having big Iftar gatherings but with the recent outbreak of Ful (fava bean) carts and abundant places to have Suhoor on the streets, more and more people are eating both meals outside.

This means that they’ll probably be using more single-use plastic in the form of cutlery, straws, plastic cups and more and since we showed you how to have a plastic-free Ramadan, we’re here focusing on how to make your out-of-house Suhoor experience as zero waste as possible.


Don’t over Do It on the Order

I know all thoughts of next day hunger are filling you with dread as you place your Suhoor order but just take a minute and breathe. Check in with your self and what your stomach is trying to tell you. When we look inward to what our body actually needs, we end up ordering the exact amount of food we need to fill us up and not leave us hungry or thirsty the next day.

You can find healthy hydrating food to eat here so you are fueling yourself just enough without over ordering and having your leftover food thrown away. The first thing about living more sustainably is not over-consuming and ordering exactly what you need no more.



Pack Your Own Cutlery

I know it could seem like a daunting task but how heavy is a spoon knife and fork really?! If you’re serious about reducing your plastic waste this Ramadan and vow to never use a plastic spoon to eat your yogurt again. You can pack regular stainless steel cutlery set or buy a bamboo set, or even wooden ones.

You could even use a reusable plastic set but I’d say this is the least favorable option as using plastic in our food is unsafe even when they say it’s “Food Grade” plastic. It still isn’t as healthy as you might think



Reusable Water Bottles for the Win

Even though we couldn’t find actual statistics but we can imagine that the purchase of plastic water bottles rises quite a bit during the month of Ramadan. Practically everyone who’s having Suhoor outside their homes buys at least one bottle to drink before Fajr.

This is when you can drastically reduce your plastic bottle consumption by just filling up your reusable water bottle right before you leave home and eliminating the need to purchase a plastic one. Your best option (and my personal favorite) is an aluminum one, it keeps cold water cold for hours and won’t break if you have butter fingers like myself. But you could go for a glass one or even a plastic one that’s reusable, even though like I said, I wouldn’t recommend having plastic in your food and drink.


If you just follow these simple 3 steps, you’ll have a much more sustainable Suhoor outside your home. Of course, it would be a lot better for the environment for you to have it at home in your own food containers and not waste any styrofoam or plastic ones that are used to serve your food. However, I believe that you don’t have to drastically change your entire lifestyle to live a life that won’t hurt our planet. Start where you can, honor your own limits and honor your planet and all else will fall into place.