I’m a man on a mission and my mission is this to have the biggest positive impact on society and the environment by serving individuals and institutions to unleash their full potential so that we and future generations live better lives.

This is an article about business coaching, but before getting to that, please allow me to share with you a personal story that led me to where I am right now. Sitting in front of my laptop writing about business coaching.

I’m a person obsessed. Obsessed with human potential, more precisely, unleashing human potential. The seeds of this obsession were planted in me at a very young age through sport.

Fast forward a few years and these seeds had developed into small trees. One of the catalysts that led to these small trees burning down and then, like a phoenix, rising from the ashes into a flourishing forest was a major life event. In retrospect, this makes perfect sense. I tend to look to nature to make sense of things.

Naturally occurring wildfires are sparked into existence by lightning, these wildfires are disasters in the heat of the moment (no pun intended) but serve a higher purpose when looked at from a higher perspective. Wildfires are nature’s way of purging the bad that came along with the good to ensure a system operating at its peak performance. The forest returns to ash and rises once again, stronger than before. This is what I call a rebirth, an awakening.

I believe my rebirth as a result of this life-changing event. It led me down a beautiful journey of self- discovery, and self- development, this journey wasn’t easy but nothing worth going through is.

I am here to serve others (individuals and institutions) unleash their full potential and show you what you are capable of. Your current situation is NOT your final destination. Within you, yes you is a well of potential, my mission is to serve you to unleash it. One of the tools I use to carry out this mission is coaching, both life coaching, and business coaching.


What do I do?

I’m an ICF certified life coach and recently earned my MBA from ESADE in Barcelona. I currently focus my energy, time and effort on life coaching, business coaching, executive coaching and conducting life-changing programs for my clients and participants.


What Is a Business Coach?

As stated earlier, the purpose of this article is to talk about business coaching. So, let’s do that.

To understand what a business coach is or does, it is first important to clearly define what a coach does. Simply put, a coach is a catalyst that takes you from where you are to where you want to be. From sports to business coaching, this is what all coaches do, they bring out the best in you. A business coach helps you take your business to where you want it to be.

How Is That Different Than a Business Consultant?

You might be thinking, how is this different from a consultant. A consultant is hired to provide a solution. A coach is hired to ask the right questions so that together, the coach and the client can come up with the most effective way forward. Essentially, a coach leverages the knowledge that the client has with the coach’s knowledge to make the most of this dynamic partnership. Within the realm of professional coaching, there are 2 main types of coaching, executive (focuses on individuals) and business coaching (focuses on the business).

Executive coaching and business coaching are interrelated. One focuses on the gears in the machine (executive) and the other focuses on the machine itself (business) and a coach hired to coach the business usually coaches the individuals as well. This is mainly because a business is nothing more than a culture and its people.

How Can a Business Coach Help?

Simply put, business coaching is a process which helps you to better define your goals, polish your vision for the business, and set in place a series of strategies that will help you achieve your goals and vision. In addition to that, business coaching aims to bring out the best in you and your people. A business coach can help in many ways, below is an image of what areas a business coach can serve:



What Can You Expect from Hiring a Business Coach?



Who Needs a Business Coach?

Hiring a business coach entails entering into a dynamic partnership. Having talked about expectations in the previous section it is now time to assess whether business coaching is for you. Below is a list of questions designed to facilitate your decision-making process. If you answer yes to any of them, a business coach could be just what you’re seeking to help make your business thrive.


  • Want to have clearly defined goals?
  • Want a clear plan to achieve these goals?
  • Want to stick to executing these goals?
  • Want to increase performance, focus, and productivity?
  • Want to grow your business?
  • Want to develop and bring out the best in yourself and your people?
  • Feeling lost/ overwhelmed?


Regardless of what stage your business is at, a business coach can serve to help point the ship in the right direction and to catalyze the process of success. International Coach Federation (ICF) has conducted research that shows the positive impact of hiring a business coach. Obviously, this research is biased, so please take the findings I’m about to share with a grain of salt and judge accordingly. “Research by the International Coach Federation has shown that, of small business owners that have hired a business coach, 70% have seen increased work performance, 86% have seen a return on investment and an impressive 99% of entrepreneurs were happy that they made the decision to hire a business coach.”

You are capable of great things, coaching is just a catalyst to unleash your full potential. A coach’s role is to be both the spark that ignites the wildfire and the sun that nourishes you to grow and thrive. Every athlete, top performer, and thriving business uses a coach to bring out the best in them. Why don’t you?

If you found this article of value, you can find more of this on my Instagram. I create and share content to help you and your business unleash your full potential. If you’d like to have a conversation, please feel free to reach out to me on there as well.